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Essential information regarding your residence and stay here at the University can be found in the residents guide 

If you have any further questions please check the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

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What is the accommodation guarantee?

The University of St Andrews guarantees an offer of accommodation to all UK/EU and overseas first year undergraduate students* provided all the following conditions are met:

  • You are coming to the University alone.
  • You are studying for the full academic session.
  • You have accepted your offer to study at the University
  • Your application is received by 30 June in the year of entry.
  • You have met all the offer conditions and accepted your unconditional offer from the University/UCAS by 31 August in the year of entry.
  • You have accepted your offer of accommodation within 10 days of the offer being sent to your email address.

*Please note: In years of exceptionally high demand, students who live within a reasonable commuting distance will not be offered accommodation until a room becomes available.  This may be after the start of semester.

Whilst a limited amount of accommodation is available to returning undergraduate students, we cannot guarantee you a place within University accommodation after your first year.

Postgraduates are not guaranteed accommodation.

How do I apply?

The link to the online application form for Undergraduate accommodation can be found on the How and when to apply for accommodation page. The link to the online Postgraduate accommodation application form can be found at How to apply.

If you have any enquiries please email

Why do I get an error when I try to logon or apply online?

You can only apply for Accommodation if you have accepted a place to study at the University; you must have accepted a Conditional or Unconditional (Firm or Insurance) offer to apply for Accommodation online. Also, you must wait 24hrs from acceptance of a University place to allow the Accommodation system to be updated. After 24hrs of accepting a place of study you can apply for Accommodation online.

When can I apply?

The online application form for entrant students will open on 15 March.  Once you receive and accept an offer  of a place to study at the University it is time to apply. Please do not wait for your offer status to change, regardless of whether your offer is conditional or unconditional.

How do I fill in the form?

You have to fill in the form with your accommodation preferences. We cannot accept the names of the individual halls of residences. This is to avoid disappointment when the offers are made. The form has drop-down lists from which you can make your choices. You can only select a preference type once.  Please make sure you read all the information regarding residence fees and dates the accommodation is available for to ensure you are putting your preference in the correct order.


There are 4 different types of accommodation preferences to choose from:

  • En-suite self-catered
  • En-suite catered
  • Standard catered
  • Standard self-catered


Can select named residences from the drop down list depending on the type of accommodation preferred which are:

  • En-suite self-catered
  • En-suite self-catered studio apartment
  • Standard catered
  • Standard self-catered
  • University Managed




I have applied for accommodation, when will I receive an offer?

If you are an entrant undergraduate and have applied before 30th June in the year of entry you are guaranteed accommodation.  Offers will be sent out end of July and will continue throughout the summer, to those who have accepted an unconditional offer and fulfilled all entry requirements. It is crucial that once you activate your St Andrews email, you check this on a regular basis as all correspondence will be sent to this account.

If I am unsuccessful with my application for University Managed property, what should I do?

You will need to secure your own accommodation within the private sector. The following may be of help:


I didn't get my first preference for accommodation can my allocation be changed?

We guarantee undergraduate entrant students accommodation whose online forms we receive by 30 June. We will guarantee students one of their four preferences of accommodation.




What will happen if I reject an offer of accommodation?
If you reject your offer of accommodation that will be the end of the allocation process and you will not be sent another offer.
How do I go back to my accommodation contract after accepting it?

You are able to log onto your accommodation online contract, print it out and go back to it as many times as you want.

I've accepted my offer, but I can't get a visa, what do I do?

You must notify Student Accommodation Services as soon as possible if you are having Visa problems. If you do not notify us that you are cancelling your accommodation and simply fail to show up, your room will be held until the first Saturday after the start date of the contract.  After this time your room will be re-allocated.  You will also be liable to pay the full residence fees as per the terms and conditions

I need to print off my accommodation contract to register at the Police Station how do I do this?

You will have received a booking confirmation email from Student Accommodation Services which you can print off as well as your accepted offer which can be found on your accommodation online contract.

I have accepted my offer of accommodation but do not have a room number when will I receive this?

For entrant students the room number will not be confirmed until the end of August when you will receive by email a booking confirmation with your full postal address.  You should print this confirmation and bring it with your to check in to your residence.  Information on e-vision will not be accurate until you receive this booking confirmation.

Can I extend my contract?

We have accommodation available during the inter semester break and summer.  If you want to stay over the inter semester break please contact student accommodation services.  If you want to stay over the summer please complete a summer application form which will be available in March.  

Can I terminate my contract? Is there a penalty for cancelling it?

Please refer to the "Terms of Occupancy" which forms part of your contract for more information and any break-in-contract clauses, then email with your request. You will be contacted as soon possible.

Can I stay beyond the end date of my contract?

If you want to stay for a few days after your contact finishes please contact student accommodation services who will advise you on what is available.

I am taking a leave of absence what do I need to do regarding my accommodation?

In the first instance any student that wishes to take a leave of absence should speak to the Faculty Associate Dean Students who will give them permission.  Regarding your accommodation, contact Student Accommodation Services and your residence to confirm the date you will be leaving the accommodation.  Student Accommodation Services will amend your contract once they have written confirmation from Registry that your  leave of absence has been authorised and when the residence confirms you have cleared your room and returned your keys.

I am on a leave of absence how do I apply for accommodation for my return?

Entrant Students

Once you are a matriculated student and are in accommodation and decide to take a leave of absence, on your return you will be classed as a returning student therefore we cannot guarantee you accommodation and you would therefore need to apply online with the other returning students in February of each year.  You will not receive any confirmation from Student Accommodation Services as to how and when to apply so please email the office to confirm the actual date of when to apply.  All information will be available on Wednesday memos and on the accommodation website from end of January.

Returning Students

Any returning student that takes a leave of absence will have to apply through the online application for the next academic year.  Any student who takes a leave of absence and is coming back in semester 2 should apply on the Accommodation online application form which is available via MySaint in November. We cannot guarantee any returning student accommodation

Arrival and Leaving

What is the address of the Residence I have been allocated

The full postal address of each residence and further information is listed on the individual residence page for each residence which can be found on the Undergraduate residences webpage.

Where can I find further information regarding my stay in hall?

Please refer to the Resident's Guide via this link

Alternatively please check the information on each individual residence page via this webpage

Can I ship luggage from overseas ahead of my arrival in St Andrews?

Luggage should only be sent to arrive after the students are in residence. The University cannot guarantee secure storage of luggage, and belongings will not be covered by the University's block insurance policy until the student is in residence.

When and where can I collect my key for halls of residence?

Please refer to the arrivals for details of collecting keys for your residence.

How many suitcases can I bring?
This is up to you! Bear in mind - there is limited storage space in all the halls and your room. If you are sharing a room, you also have to share the space!
Can I arrive a few days earlier?

No, the arrival date is usually the Saturday prior to Orientation Week - please check your online contract for confirmation. You are not able to move in any earlier than this date. If you plan to arrive early in St Andrews, then you are responsible for finding your own accommodation through the Tourist Office or another alternative.

Do I need to empty my room over a holiday period?

Please refer to the Resident's Guide as this will depend on the type of accommodation contract which you have.

Self-catered accommodation for Undergraduates include the Christmas and Spring Vacations. Standard catered and John Burnet Annexe does not include the Christmas vacations. David Russell Apartments is available for the Christmas vacation on a self-catered basis. You can leave your belongings in your room. All Undergraduate contracts include the spring vacation however meals are not provided in catered residences.

All Postgraduate accommodation include both the Christmas and spring vacations. Deans Court is self-catered throughout the Christmas vacation but is catered in spring.

Can I stay in Halls over the Summer?

If you are an Undergraduate who is required to stay in St Andrews for an academic reason you can apply for accommodation.  There will be an application form available on the Current students and residents section from February. Please note, accommodation is limited.


What assistance is there for students with disabilities or limiting long term illness?

The University gives all possible support to disabled students and those with limiting long term illness. To enable us to work with you to help meet your individual requirements, it is important that you provide full information on your application form of anything that is likely to impact on your accommodation needs.

The University understands that disability is not always visible and related to physical impairments and Student Services and Wardennial Teams can also provide additional support. We have a number of adapted rooms and we encourage you to visit the accommodation to see facilities and talk to Student Accommodation Services before you accept a place in residence. If you want us to take account of your special circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible.

For further information on disabled access please visit Disabled Go.

Money matters

Are Christmas and spring vacations included in my contract?

Self-catered en-suite accommodation for Undergraduates include the Christmas and spring vacations (this does not include self-catered standard in Gannochy which will be closed for Christmas Vacation). Standard catered and John Burnet Annexe do not include the Christmas vacations. David Russell Apartments is available for the Christmas vacation on a self-catered basis. You can leave your belongings in your room. All Undergraduate contracts include the spring vacation however meals are not provided in catered residences.

All Postgraduate accommodation include both the Christmas and spring vacations. Deans Court is self-catered throughout the Christmas vacation but is catered in spring.

Do I need to insure my belongings?

Please see the student accommodation insurance webpage for information about insurance.

How can I pay my accommodation fees?

Information on how to pay can be found in the paying your fees section of the University website.

How do I open a UK bank account?

Information on opening a bank account can be found on the University web pages under Opening a bank account - UK students or Opening a bank account - international and EU students.

What are hall subscriptions?
The hall subscription is used by the Student Residents Committee to cover the costs of social events including the Hall ball and to defray general student charges for newspapers, television and other amenities. It is also used to pay for damage caused in communal areas or to communal facilities, which is not attributable to individual students nor commensurate with fair wear and tear. Hall subscriptions are included in the residence fee shown on your accommodation contract.


What can I expect?

Our menus operate on a five week cycle, with meals taken in the dining rooms of the halls. Each team of chefs aim to vary items to incorporate seasonal foods. Both daily and weekly menus are displayed at or near the point of service in each residence.

All of our catered halls have achieved the Healthyliving Award which is a national award for the foodservice sector in Scotland. The main aim of the award is to encourage our customers to eat more healthily and the award criteria are based on the general principles of a healthy balanced diet by ensuring that healthier ingredients and cooking methods are used, to keep fat, salt and sugar to a minimum and that options such as water, low fat dairy products and fruit and vegetables are always available.

How many meals do we get?

In standard catered residences, students get 19 meals per week. This information is in the conditions of let which is part of your accommodation contract. Meals are: breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday - Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are on a catered contract at David Russell Apartments, this includes 14 meals per week: breakfast and dinner from Monday - Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are on a catered contract at Agnes Blackadder hall, this includes 15 meals per week: breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday- Friday, there are no meals served at the weekend.

In Deans Court students get 15 meals per week.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday, there are no meals served at the weekend.

What do I do if I have a specific diet or food allergies?

Please view the catering webpages for information on what food is provided within our catered residences.  Catered residences provide a vegetarian option at each meal. We do not cater for vegan, halal or kosher diets. If you are in catered accommodation, and have a food allergy or specific dietary requirement (such as a peanut allergy or coeliac) you should speak the catering team via email Once you have been offered a room, please contact the Chef Manager of your residence to discuss your needs. Details of how to contact your Chef Manager can be found on the Hall Specific sheets at the back of the Resident's Guide.


Am I allowed pets in my room?
No - all pets are strictly forbidden in all University property.
Are there laundry facilities in the halls?

Each hall laundry facilities available for students to use.  Most laundries are operated by Washstation and are operated by using their App.  2 laundries in DRA are operated by Circuit and these also operate by using their App.  Please look at the appropriate website for further information on the App, Payments, Prices and laundry availability.

Can I have a guest to stay?

If you are in a shared room you may only entertain guests if you have a prior arrangement with your roommate.  If you are living in a shared house or flat then you should also check with your housemates.  You may have a temporary guest for a maximum of 3 days in any week and no more than twice in a four week period.  All overnight guests must be recorded by either notifying the Residence Management, Porter or by completing the guest signing in book if there is one available.  Guests are not permitted during freshers week.

Can you smoke in residences?
No, all University residences are non-smoking as it is a fire risk. Under The Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland 2006), it is against the Law to smoke in Residence and may be against the Law to smoke in enclosed areas such as doorways.  Please check the Hall Specific sheets at the back of the Resident's Guide for information on where it is appropriate to smoke Anyone found smoking in University residences is subject to disciplinary action which could lead to eviction from Residence.
What about candles?
Candles, joss sticks, etc are prohibited. If candles, joss sticks, or cigarettes are found but have clearly not been lit, these items will be confiscated until you can remove them from the residence - there would be a disciplinary process and appropriate fine. Be warned - the reappearance of similar items may result in eviction from the residence. For further information, refer to the conditions of let which forms part of your accommodation contract.
Does each bedroom have a sink?
Some standard catered residences may have sinks. Other self catered accommodation, i.e. Albany and Fife Park, does not. En-suite rooms will have a separate shower and WC.
I have my own TV in my room. Do I need a separate TV Licence?
Yes. In some cases you and your flatmates will each require your own separate licence for the TVs in your rooms, and in others one licence may be sufficient between all your flatmates, please refer to the TV Licensing section.
Is there a guest room I can book for my parents when they bring me to St Andrews?

Unfortunately, we do not have guest rooms in the residences. Parents requiring overnight accommodation should contact the St Andrews Tourist Board - +44 (0)1334 47 2021.

What is provided in my room?
Each study bedroom has a mattress and bed, either a free standing or built in wardrobe, a study desk, a lamp and operator chair.
What size are the beds?

In DRA, FPA and Agnes Blackadder Hall the beds are double (approx 4' 6") apart from disabled access rooms where they are single beds (approx 3'). The shared rooms in DRA are single beds and the shared rooms in Agnes Blackadder Hall have a double bed and a queen (4'). Andrew Melville Hall has small double beds. All other residences have single beds.

What should I bring with me?

Can I bring a car?

The routes most commonly travelled by students are well covered by public transport and St. Andrew’s University is committed to encouraging students and staff to consider alternative modes of transport in a bid to reduce the Universities overall carbon footprint. For more information on alternative transport options see the University's Travel Plan. 

With the University's sustainability and green initiatives and the green transport plan, we do not encourage students to bring cars to the University. There are car parks at Agnes Blackadder Hall, Andrew Melville, DRA, Fife and Albany Parks, but extremely limited parking elsewhere. A permit is required to park in one of these car parks and can be obtained from the Estates department.

Can I bring a bicycle?
Yes you can but you are not permitted to store bicycles within the residences. Bicycles must be stored in cycles sheds where available or in cycle racks. Further information on where you can store your bikes can be found on the Hall Specific Information sheets at the back of the Resident's Guide.
Can I bring my own personal fridge?

No. For special medical requirements, pharmacy fridges can be provided on request during the application process.  Please state the reason in the specific requirements section of the application form.

Can I bring my own personal toaster / kettle etc?

You are advised NOT to bring your own personal toaster or kettle.  As the overloading of power circuits may result in a fire risk students are prohibited from using all high powered electrical equipment in study bedrooms e.g. heaters (unless supplied by the residence), kettles, irons, electric blankets, toasters, refrigerators, microwaves, electric rings, and cooking apparatus of any kind.

There are communal kitchen or pantry areas in all residences where kettles/toasters are available for use.

What electrical equipment can I bring?

Please see full list Electrical Equipment

Any kitchen equipment you bring into your accommodation MUST be purchased in the UK.  Due to limited storage in the kitchen and pantries we advise that purchase should be made after arrival.

What about other electrical equipment such as laptops, phone chargers, hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc?

Information regarding electrical equipment can be found here

Do we have to bring pots / pans / cutlery?
What you need depends on where you have been allocated to and whether you are catered or self catered. Please refer to the Resident's Guide for further information.
Is bed linen provided?

Bedding (duvet, pillows, sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases) are not provided. You will need to bring your own or purchase a bedding pack from the UniKitOut shop prior to coming to the University. Quote ANDREW10 to receive a 10% discount.


How do I request a repair in a University Managed Property?

Email your request to Property Services at

What happens if I don't get on with my room mate?

Life in University Halls may at first appear very different to your previous living environment. However, within a few weeks most students find they have settled in and are enjoying life in their Hall. Wardennial Teams take responsibility for encouraging a sense of community within each hall and are experienced at working sensitively with students on a wide range of issues. If you are experiencing any difficulties it is important that you first try to resolve any issues by talking to a member of the Hall Wardennial Team, they can then liaise with Student Accommodation Services directly if your situation is urgent.

Who do I go to if I have a question?

Information on who to contact can be found on the Hall Specific Sheet at the back of the Resident's Guide

If you have a question regarding the facilities in your room or residence, or the housekeeping services, please speak to the Residential Services Manager or one of his/her team.  If you have a question regarding catering please speak to the Chef Manager in your residence.

If you have a question relating to your contract, please contact Student Accommodation Services.

If you have a question relating to a welfare issue, the hall community or social events, please contact your Warden or one of his/her team.

If you have a question relating to payment of your accommodation fees, please speak to Finance.

 Religious Requirement

I have a specific religious requirement regarding accommodation. Whom should I notify?

If you have any specific religious requirements regarding your accommodation allocation, we encourage you to contact Student Accommodation Services directly before you apply and they will do their best to advise you on the most suitable accommodation to best meet your needs e.g if you are Orthodox Jewish and require accommodation that does not rely on an electronic entry system.

University Managed Property

Is my University Managed Property furnished?

University managed properties are all fully furnished and equipped.  The following standard inventory will give you an idea of what is provided as part of the let:

Bedrooms (per student) - maximum 2 persons per room

1 x 3ft bed and mattress, 1 duvet, 1 pillow, 1 mattress protector

1 wardrobe, 1 chest of drawers, 1 desk/table, 1 desk chair, 1 study lamp, 1 waste bin, 1 mirror, bookshelves (movable or fixed - approx 6ft per person)

Sitting/Dining Room

One easy chair or equivalent per student

Adequate dining table & chairs for tenants

Coffee/occasional tables


1 cooker (oven & hob), 1 Fridge or Fridge Freezer, 1 washing machine, 1 kettle, 1 iron, 1 ironing board, cutlery & crockery, pots & pans, kitchen utensils, rubbish bin

Cleaning Utensils

Vacuum cleaner, dustpan & brush, sweeping brush, floor mop & bucket, toilet brush & holder

For University Managed Properties what do I do in case of an emergency, or should I get locked out of the building late at night, who do I need to call?

Any issues that arise out with our office hours should be directed to our Out of Hours staff who can be reached on +44 (0)1334 46 8999 or extension 8999 from an internal phone.

Is there a telephone connection and internet service in my University Managed Property?

For University Managed Properties, telephone and internet service provision is a private arrangement tenants have to make directly with the service provider of their choice. You can arrange to have the telephone connected and the service set up in your name by contacting BT or a similar provider. Any charges will depend on the level of service you arrange. 

Check what's available from service providers by visiting comparison sites:

Do I need to pay council tax in a University Managed property?

Accommodation wholly occupied by student residents will normally be exempt from any Council Tax charges levied by the local council for the services they provide (water, sewerage, waste collection, street lighting) etc during the academic session.

Further information can be found from the following links: 

Fife Council - Council tax 

Fife Council - Council tax exemptions

or by contacting Fife Council direct at:

Fife Council
Finance & Asset Management Services
Fife House
North St

Where do I collect my keys for University Managed Property?

Unless otherwise advised your keys will be available for collection from Property Services from the date your contract is scheduled to start and during office hours the contact details are as follows:

Agnes Blackadder Hall Reception
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9XW

Phone:+44 (0)1334 46 2503

If you anticipate arriving out with our normal office hours, please let us know in advance so that alternative arrangements for the collection of your keys can be made.

What is the proper procedure for having our utilities turned on before we arrive in a University Managed Property?

The utilities will already be switched on for your arrival however you will have to set up the accounts for the property in your own names, using the meter readings provided for you on the inventories, which you will get from us with your keys.