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University Hall

Kennedy Gardens, St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9DL

Capacity: 313

Category: Medium sized catered hall

University Hall website

Hall description

University Hall, built in 1896, was the very first Hall of Residence at the University and it was originally home for the first female students who came to study here. University Hall is one of the larger Halls,, situated a five minute walk from the centre of town and backing onto the University’s Sports Centre as well as the North Haugh. . It is now split into three main sections:- Wardlaw, the all-female section, and Lumsden and Old Wing with over 230 single rooms and 35 shared rooms. All rooms have an internet and telephone connection. Residents also have as access to excellent study facilities including two libraries, a computer room and a senior study room.

University Hall is a catered Hall and provides students with a wide range of culinary options on a daily basis. The catering team are keen to liaise with the residents about the menu and love to receive feedback.

There are always people available to ask for help, whether it is from our Wardennial Team, Residential Services Managers or the democratically elected Student Hall Committee.

  • The Residence Management Team ensures that in-house services are of the highest quality. 
  • The Hall Committee is headed by two Senior Students who lead the Committee members in organising events throughout the year. They also act as another point of contact for any suggestions, ideas or advice during your time here. 
  • The Wardennial team includes the Warden (Kristyn Emmer), and three Assistant Wardens. We live in Hall and offer pastoral care, welfare support, provide guidance and foster community spirit within the Hall. We are always on hand to listen to any concerns. The enduring Hall spirit is highlighted by the sheer number of social events that continue to take place throughout the year, not just in Freshers’ Week. These include BBQs, coffee and cake, Wine and Cheese evenings and dinner events such as the traditional High Table, Halloween and Valedictory. We are also known for our keen participation in the inter-hall sports and other competitions.
  • Together, these teams all work to ensure that your student experience is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. For prospective and current residents of University Hall, more information can be found on the University Hall Facebook page

University Hall also has an alumni group (UHSTAGA) who are very active and are always keen to hear from past residents.

Hall colours

Black and gold

Hall Wardennial Team

Warden: Kristyn Emmer

Assistant Wardens: 3

Residential services

Residential Services Managers: Debbie Anderson

Hall Information

Emergency Contact (Duty Hours):
+44 (0)1334 46 7167

Residence Managers office
Monday-Friday           8.00am–4.45pm

Monday -Friday

Contact Information Warden:

Wardennial Team:



Laundry                     Computer room                     Three Common rooms           Games room                    Music room                           Two Libraries                     Senior Study Room

Dining Hall:

Breakfast: 8.00am-9.00am