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St Regulus Hall Wardennial Team

‌You can contact the St Regulus Hall wardennial team on +44 (0)1334 467059 (internal extension 7059) or by email at or

A drop-in for residents is held at 7pm every night during term in the Wardens Office.

Warden: Dr Sandra Romenska   

Sandra Oct 2017‌Hello, my name is Sandra Romenska and I am the Warden of St Regulus Hall – possibly the best hall of residence in St Andrews. We are a small traditional hall of about 175 residents, perfectly located right near the heart of the old part of town. During day time I work as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and I value the privilege to be a part of the student community in both of my roles. I live in St Regulus with my family, my son Marko loves the friendly and vibrant atmosphere here and you will often see the two of us at the wonderful events taking place in the Hall.  

Together with my fantastic team of Assistant Wardens - Vyome, Monica and David who also live in the Hall, we work to ensure that St Regulus continues to be a safe and enjoyable home from home for all our residents. One of us will be in the Warden’s Office from 7 to 7:30 pm every day – come and see us for a chat and a cup of tea. We are here to listen and help so do pop in if you have any concerns. You can also see us at meal times – come and chat with us, suggest ideas for events you would like us to organise or ways in which we can make your experience in St Regulus better.

Monday to Friday an Assistant Warden will be on duty from 7pm–8am. On Saturdays and Sundays an Assistant Warden will be on duty from 2pm – 8am. If you have an emergency and you need to contact us please dial 7059 from any university phone (you have one in your room) or 01334 467059 from an external phone. You can e-mail us at or The best way to stay informed about the events we organise is to like our Facebook page ( where we post all sorts of useful information.


Wardennial Team

Vyome Singh 2017

Vyome Singh (AW)

Welcome to St Regulus! My name is Vyome and I am one of the three assistant wardens in hall. I am a St Andrews veteran. Having completed my undergraduate education I am now pursuing PhD in Physics. I spend most of my day time in the physics building and the evenings in gym or in the pub.  Say hello to me where ever you see me! 

‌‌‌Monica AW-2017

Monica Burns (AW)

Welcome to Regs! I'm Monica, one of the Assistant Wardens. During the day I work at MUSA (The Museum of the University of St Andrews). The rest of the time I'm a comic book artist, fresh out of a postgraduate degree in Comics from the University of Dundee.  I'm always happy for a chat, so come say hello!


‌‌David AW-2017

David Burnett (AW)

Welcome to Regs! I'm David and I'm one of your three assistant wardens. I'm a first year PhD candidate (Biochemistry) and did my undergraduate here in St Andrews so if you want to know about hidden beer gardens or secret study spots ask away! In my spare time I'm usually playing video games or catching up on Netflix but I'm very happy to have a chat any time you see me around halls.