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McIntosh Hall

Abbotsford Crescent, St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9HT

Capacity: 244

Category: Medium sized catered hall

Hall description

Often affectionately referred to as Chattan, McIntosh is a small but friendly hall, with a good mix of first year and returning students. The majority of first year students live in a shared bedroom, although single rooms are also available to first years. Many rooms offer spectacular views of the Old Course and West Sands. All rooms have internet and telephone connections. There are two study rooms and a computer room, two TV rooms and a large common room. McIntosh is a catered hall and is renowned for the quality of its food. One of the advantages of being a small hall is our strong community spirit. There is always a friendly face in McIntosh, and the Wardens, Residential Services Managers, Kitchen Staff and Porters work hard to ensure that McIntosh feels like home. The student committee in McIntosh is active and accessible, and arranges a variety of social events, including Hall Quizzes, inter-Hall sport, beach games and much more. The Wardens host cheese and wine evenings several times a semester, with guests from the academic staff regularly invited. The committee also represents any student concerns, and invites all McIntosh residents to join the McIntosh facebook page for more details on hall life and events.

Hall history

In 1291 McIntosh and Chattan became forever linked when Eva, the daughter of Clan Chattan’s chief married Angus, the chief of Clan McIntosh. Skip forward 830 years to when the row of buildings on Abbotsford Crescent that currently make up McIntosh Hall contained private houses and a hotel. In 1921, Professor William McIntosh offered the University the use of No. 1 Abbotsford Crescent (Chattan House and what is now the main entrance to Hall) as a residence for fifteen male students. No. 2 Abbotsford Crescent was soon added to this, resulting in room for twenty-eight students. After St Salvator’s Hall was built as a male residence, these houses became a permanent University residence for female students, at least until males were admitted again in 1982. During the 1930’s, Nos. 3 and 4 were also purchased and the residence was modernised. It was also at this time that the basement was converted into the dining hall and kitchen that are still in use today, including the installation of the stained glass windows that illustrate R.L. Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. The rest of the Crescent was acquired during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Renovations and minor changes have continued since then, but what has not changed is the tremendous hall spirit and welcoming atmosphere found here.

Hall colours

Purple and Navy

Hall Wardennial Team

Warden: Dr Adam Welstead

Assistant Wardens: 3

Residential services

Residential Services Managers:Evelyn Parker

Hall Information

Residence Management:

Emergency Contact (Duty Hours):
+44 (0)1334 42 7040

Drop-in Times:


Wardennial Team:


Hall Reception

summer only

Opening Hours:
Monday–Sunday: 8.00am–11.00pm
+44 (0)1334 42 7035



Dining Hall: