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David Russell Apartments and Fife Park Wardennial Team

You can contact the David Russell Apartments and Fife Park wardennial team on +44(0)1334 467103 (internal extension 7103) or by email at

The wardennial team is on duty and available 365 days a year: between 7pm and 8am every weekday (Monday to Friday) and between 2pm and 8am at weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

A daily drop-in session for residents is run from 7pm – 8pm, in The Warden's Office.

Warden: Ben Stuart

Ben Stuart Sept 2015I am delighted to welcome new and returning students to David Russell and Fife Park.  The largest University ‘hall’, DRA & Fife Park is home to almost 1500 students and although large scale still maintains a fantastic hall community and spirit. 



Eck Harvey

Eck Harvey - Deputy Warden


James R Profile

James Ronan - Deputy Warden


Ana Maria

Ana-Maria Sapountzi - Assistant Warden

James P Profile

James Price - Assistant Warden

Charlie Profile

Charles Jones - Assistant Warden

Pinar Profile

‌Pinar Kadioglu - Assistant Warden

Kevin McNamara

Kevin McNamara - Assistant Warden‌

Laura Obermuller

Laura Obermuller - Assistant Warden

Kimberly Kroll

Kimberly Kroll - Assistant Warden

Chris Profile

Chris Russell - Assistant Warden

Meha Profile

Meha Pande - Assistant Warden

Paula Duffy

Paula Duffy - Assistant Warden

Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall - Assistant Warden 

Caitlan Smith

Caitlan Smith - Assistant Warden