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ResTel User Guide

Incoming Calls

Student Residence Incoming calls: Your caller must dial ++44 (Outside UK) (0) 1334 462222 followed by your extension number when prompted. (From the US dial 011 44 1334 462222) and enter the extension number when prompted. 5 digit extension numbers cannot be dialled direct.

Internal calls: Dial extension number only. (4 or 5 digits or numbers)

EMERGENCY: Dial 9 for an outside line followed by '999' (give full details to the emergency operator).

Using Voicemail - A Voice Mail Box must be requested from the Telephone Office before attempting the following procedure

Entering your voicemail box for the first time - AT ALL TIMES LISTEN TO THE PROMPT

  1. Dial 5000. You will either be asked for your USER ID or PIN. If User ID enter your extension number followed by the # key 
  2. If the PIN is requested enter 0000 (four zeros - default security PIN)
  3. You will now be taken through the voicemail tutorial, to set up your mailbox. 
  4. When you have correctly set up your mailbox Staff should notify the Telephone Office ( Students should notify the ResTel office ( so that we may invoke a "divert to voicemail" for your extension. Only contact the ResTel Helpdesk X 7221 (Students) or Telephone Office X 2100 (Staff) if you experience problems.

How to access your voicemail box

Via your own internal extension: Dial extension 5000 and follow the prompts.  

Via another extension (without VM): Dial extension 5000, enter your user ID (extn number) when prompted and follow the instructions

Via another extension (with VM): Dial extension 5000, wait for the first prompt, press #or *. You will hear the message "the details you have entered are incorrect please enter your user ID (extn number) when followed by # the follow the prompts.

Via an external line: Dial +44 (0) 1334 465000. and follow the prompts.

To change your voicemail greeting (perhaps for a temporary greeting) :

After accessing your mailbox Press 5 and follow the prompts. Contact the ResTel Helpdesk (7221) or Telephone Office (2100) if you experience problems

How voicemail works

Your phone will divert to voicemail after approx 4 rings if unanswered, and immediately if you are on the phone. A Message Waiting Indicator (interrupted dial tone) will tell you when you have new messages. To set your phone to go straight to your mailbox key * 2 * 5000 #. To remove key # 2 #.
Messages will be retained for 21 days before being automatically deleted.

Voicemail messages are automatically date and time "stamped" and this information is given before you hear the message.
There is NO requirement to Press 1 to listen to messages.

You can be notified, via automatic emails, when you have a new message. A .wav file will be attached to the email allowing you to listen to the message without entering your mailbox. However, this will not mark the message as read or remove the message from your mailbox. This must be done manually by entering your mailbox. There is a limited amount of storage space for messages and when this limit is reached no further messages can be stored.