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ResTel FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are based on the enquiries received from you by the ResTel advisers.

How do I sign up for ResTel ?

You only need to register with the ResTel office if you require voicemail

Can I call 0300/0500 and 0800 numbers?

Yes, you will be able to call most 0300/0500/0800 numbers on our telephone network at no extra cost. This is for access to free phone card numbers.

Can I use the 1471 function?

The 1471 function to check the last missed call-information, is not available on the system. However, the date and time of a voicemail message is presented at the start of each message. If you do not delete the message it will be automatically saved for 21 days and can be retrieved by following the instructions given.

What do I do if my telephone is faulty?

There are simple checks that you can make before reporting a fault. Check the position of any buttons on the telephone. The dialling method should be set to Tone (T). Ensure that the ringer is not switched off. Change the adapter (if used) and telephone with one known to work. Hall managers/porters can provide you with these. If your telephone is still faulty then they will contact us
Contact the ResTel office on extn 7221. We will reset your voicemail. For security reasons we will not issue new PIN's over the telephone.

What should I do if I am receiving nuisance calls?

The service should not be used to make offensive, indecent, menacing or hoax calls or in connection with fraudulent activity or criminal offences. If you have received a nuisance call or voicemail, keep a note of the date, time and what was said and report the incident to one of the wardens immediately. Save any voicemail messages. Arrangements can then be made for the call to be traced and for the incident to be reported to the appropriate authorities so that requisite action can be taken. It is a criminal offence to make nuisance calls and anyone found making nuisance calls will have their service terminated immediately and may be liable to disciplinary action. Do Not Contact the Helpdesk directly . (All telephone calls to and from the University, and within, are logged)

Can I connect a BT Line to my residence

No this is not permitted

How do I connect to the Internet?

ResTel is not an Internet Service Provider. Please contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 3333. Further information about internet connections is also available on the IT-Services web pages. (Students are NOT to connect LapTops or PC's, ADSL splitters or fax machines to the telephone network. Those found doing so are liable to have their telephone service removed).

ResNet pages.

It remains free to register your telephone for the ResTel service, or to register for the optional voicemail service. You must register before you can take advantage of the free services offered, or make outgoing calls. See our "user guide" page for further information.