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University Residence Telephone Service (ResTel)


You will find a telephone handset in your room. This provides you with your own private, 5 digit, dedicated telephone line with optional voicemail. The line will already be activated for internal calls. These numbers ARE NOT available to dial direct from outside the University. To access a 5 digit extension number from outside the University a caller must dial 01334 462222 (from overseas ++44 1334 etc) and then, when prompted, enter the 5 digit extension number. (Some telephones are labelled with a redundant number (01334 464748) this does not work and should not be used)).

The telephone service is included in your room rental. External calls are only permitted to free phone numbers 0300/0500 and 0800. Free phone calling cards are available locally.

You must complete the voicemail registration form to register for the optional voicemail service. Further instructions will be sent to your email address. (See Restel user guide for set up instructions).

There is no charge to a student for receiving incoming calls. If your telephone does not have a label with an extension number on it please contact the ResTel helpdesk from that telephone on extension 7221 or call the switchboard on "0" during office hours for assistance.

Facilities exist for students to call NHS 24 on 9111, Police non-emergency on 9101 from their room phones. For emergency calls dial 9-999 for Police, Fire, Ambulance. Doctors surgeries can only be called from hall foyer telephones or administrative telephones. Please speak with your residence reception staff. Doctors surgeries are as follows: Surname beginning A to Nt (Pipelands Practice) dial 1038 only. Surnames beginning Nu to Z dial 1039 only (no need for the prefix 9)

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for the using your telephone can be found in the ResTel Terms and Conditions (PDF, 168 KB)

Restel provides

  • Your own phone and number (extension numbers are not transferable between rooms).
  • The ability for others to call you directly/indirectly in the privacy of your room in a hall of residence.
  • Free internal calls - just dial the four (admin) or five (residence) extension number.
  • A repair service for telephones damaged through fair wear and tear. Misuse causing damage will be charged for at current rates.


Optional voicemail service

You can register for your own personal voicemail box. You will be able to receive messages in your own, easy to use, voicemail box. This can be achieved by completing the voicemail registration form.

ResTel Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for use of the ResTel service are applicable to ALL students in halls. They should be read and can be found in the following document:

ResTel Terms and Conditions (PDF, 168 KB)