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Multi Year Contract

NEW OPTION for 2019-20

Multi-year contract

For 2019-20 we are piloting a multi-year contract for returning students only in Agnes Blackadder Hall (ensuite self-catered) and University Hall (standard catered).  Students will be invited to apply for a 2 year contract for accommodation at the 2019-20 fees.  This will be allocated to returning students who request "Multi Year" on their accommodation application form.  Students should write this in the free text box found under the Further Preference Options on the application form.

  • Guaranteed accommodation for 2 years if successfull
  • Accommodation fees are held which makes budgeting easier
  • Potential saving of around £200 in 2020-21 *

If successful, students will accept the offer of accommodation for 2019-20 and will be guaranteed the same single room for 2020-21.  Students will be reminded in February 2020 to apply for accommodation as normal but will be allocated their 2019-20 room and an offer sent out prior to other returning students.

Although accepting an offer of accommodation for 2 years, the students will have the option in February 2020 to not take up the accommodation offer for 2020-21 and apply normally for other accommodation.

* Based on an example if fees are increased by 3% in 2020-21 in rooms not on a multi-year contract