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Student feedback

We're always interested in hearing about what we've done well, and where we can improve. If you would like to give us any feedback, please contact us!

Student Accommodation Survey 2017-18

We would like to thank everybody who participated in the December 2017-2018 Student Accommodation Survey. Overall we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback you gave.

Your overall satisfaction ranked us at:

100% Satisfaction with Managed Properties
94% Satisfaction with University Accommodation
93% Satisfaction with Student Accommodation Services.

'You said, we will' 2017-18

We are grateful to all the students for their feedback and we have updated the link below with what we are prepared to do in light of your responses.

Student residences

2016-17 Survey results

Agnes_Blackadder_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 609 KB)

Albany_Park_16_17 (PDF, 517 KB)

Andrew_Melville_16_17 (PDF, 571 KB)

Angus_House_16_17 (PDF, 458 KB)

David_Russell_Apartments_16_17 (PDF, 615 KB)

Deans_Court_16_17 (PDF, 551 KB)

Fife_Park_16_17 (PDF, 512 KB)

Gannochy _16_17 (PDF, 564 KB)

John_Burnet_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 567 KB)

McIntosh_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 574 KB)

St_Regulus_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 559 KB)

St_Salvator's_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 576 KB)

University_Hall_16_17 (PDF, 681 KB)

Managed_properties_16_17 (PDF, 434 KB)

2017-18 Survey results

Agnes Blackadder Hall (PDF, 630 KB)

Albany Park (PDF, 539 KB)

Angus House (PDF, 472 KB)

David Russell Apartments (PDF, 666 KB)


Deans Court (PDF, 570 KB)

Fife Park (PDF, 576 KB)

Gannochy (PDF, 596 KB)

John Burnet Hall (PDF, 586 KB)

McIntosh Hall (PDF, 589 KB)

St Regulus Hall (PDF, 588 KB)

St Salvators Hall (PDF, 590 KB)

Stanley Smith House (PDF, 469 KB)

University Hall (PDF, 704 KB)

Managed properties (PDF, 453 KB)