Wardennial Services for Postgraduates

Postgraduates living in DRA/Fife Park and Powell Hall have access to wardennial services.

The wardennial team works to build the hall community and ensure good student conduct. They work closely with residents, the hall committee and the residential services team.

The warden and assistant wardens provide out-of-hours contact and support, as well as links to day-time services. They are a first point of contact if a health crisis occurs, if a student is in distress or is experiencing difficulties. Their role is one of a mentor and adviser for all the residents. All wardens and assistant wardens undergo annual training and are qualified to provide basic first aid.

The wardennial team is on duty and available at the following times:

  • 7pm and 8am (Monday to Friday).
  • 2pm and 8am (Saturday and Sunday).

The team also provides drop-in sessions in each hall. Further information is available on each hall's webpage.

The wardennial team is a part of Student Services. The team reports to Scott Francis-McConnachie, spf4@st-andrews.ac.uk, Assistant Director of Student Services