Transfer requests

Your hall of residence is more than just a place to sleep; it is your home during your time in University accommodation. While life in University halls may at first feel different to your previous living environment, the Wardennial teams work hard to foster a sense of community within each hall and happily, within a few weeks, most students find they have settled in and are enjoying life in their residences.

If you are having difficulties with your living situation in halls, your first port of call should be the Wardennial Team. They are here to help and can support you in resolving disputes or practical accommodation issues. Feel free to drop by during office hours or send them an email. Below are the contact details for each team:

Agnes Blackadder Hall and Powell Hall

Andrew Melville Hall

David Russell Apartments and Fife Park

John Burnet Hall

McIntosh Hall

Old Mill

St Salvator’s Hall and Gannochy House

St Regulus Hall

University Hall and Whitehorn Hall


Should you encounter challenges that can't be resolved at hall level, the Wardennial team will liaise with Student Accommodation Services on your behalf. Transfer requests are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, the reasons behind the request are carefully considered. All transfers are authorised by Student Accommodation Services and can only be considered if referred by the Warden of your current residence.

The transfer window opens in Week 5 in each semester and Student Accommodation Services will contact you if a transfer is possible. Please be aware that Hall bed spaces are allocated at the beginning of each year and rarely do vacancies arise. Transfers are limited to one move per student in any academic year and it is not possible for every student to be offered a transfer. Any transfers that do take place must be completed within 24 hours of collecting the key for the new accommodation and returning the keys for the accommodation you are leaving. If the key is not returned within 24 hours then you may be charged residence fees for both rooms. Any student who requests a transfer and subsequently changes their mind must immediately notify Student Accommodation Services.

If a move is arranged the residence fees will be adjusted for the date the move takes place. This includes the adjustment of hall subscriptions included in the residence fee.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy regarding the liability incurred if wishing to leave University owned accommodation completely i.e move into the private sector. Please note:  All disciplinary records are checked prior to transfer offers being made.