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Student accommodation insurance


The University has a block insurance policy for students' possessions while they are in the Residence (room only) and while their possessions are in storage in the Residence during vacation periods.  Policy provider is Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd.  The University provides no advice or administrative services relating to the contract of insurance and for all matters relevant to the insurance policy, you should contact Endsleigh (contact details below) 

The University of St Andrews are working in partnership with Endsleigh to provide you with some contents insurance. It is important for you to check this cover, so please follow the steps below to ensure you fully understand the protection provided.

The University share your details with Endsleigh for the purpose of providing you with contents insurance.  Full details of this can be found by visiting

Your policy number HH1260 visit to check your policy details.  

Visit the review cover link to: 

  • Check what is covered.
  • Check out our support videos. 
  • Check to our experts through Live Web Chat. 
  • Check how to make a claim.
  • Extend and personalise your cover.

It is important to find out exactly what you are covered for as you may find that you require additional cover to protect all your possessions both inside and outside of your room.

Endsleigh's new student gadget bundles allow you to insure multiple gadgets anywhere in the UK and up to 30 days worldwide.  The following three bundles are available depending on the value of your gadgets.

  • £500 phone and £500 laptop or gadget
  • £750 phone and £750 laptop or gadget
  • £750 phone and £1,500 laptop or gadget

Endsleigh are the UK's No. 1 insurance provider for students and are the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.  Over the last 50 years they have used their expertise to help share their products, services, contents and tools around their customers' needs.

They understand that protecting and replacing gadgets quickly is hugely important to students, that's why they introduced their 24 hour* gadget replacement promise.  (If your item is lost, stolen or unrepairable they'll replace it within 24 hours - 1 working day of your claim being approved.)  Policy excesses apply.

When you move out of University accommodation then your residential insurance cover will cease and it is important that you make alternative arrangements for insurance, either with Endsleigh or another provider of your choice. If you have extended the basic University insurance cover with Endsleigh then you should contact them direct to discuss your personal policy.

If you require further details, or have reason to make a claim, contact Endsleigh