Accommodation Application

Log in to Accommodation Online. You will need to register your before you can apply for accommodation and follow the instructions.




A form asking for a student ID and their date of birth.

You can also login using the MySaint Student Portal, if you already have an IT account. Once in MySaint you will see the Accommodation Online portlet (shown on the right). Please click the Login to Accommodation Online to access the Accommodation Online system.

 Login to accommodation online notice

We need you to upload a photo!

Before you can start an application we need to get an up to date photo of you so we can prepare your Student ID card, this will allow you access to your halls of residence. If you don't upload an image in advance of your arrival there will be a delay in getting your new card and you will not be able to access your accommodation. 

The photo must be a passport style photo, for guidance please see the passport photo requirements.

Once you are logged into the Accommodation Online system and uploaded a photo you will be able to start your application or review an existing application.


Create application

Once you are logged into the Accommodation Online system you will be able to review Your Offer where you can accept the offer including the Terms of Occupancy. 

You have 10 days to accept or decline the offer, after which the offer will be withdrawn and the room offered to another student. 

 If you do not want the offer please ensure that you Decline it online rather than waiting for it to expire. This is so that we can offer the room to other students

 View/accept offer

 If you have accepted the offer of accommodation you must complete the Pre-Arrival process before your arrival day.

The pre-arrival process includes an e-induction, a quick quiz, selecting an arrival slot time and finally allows you to print a Key Receipt which you must bring on arrival day.


Begin induction 

The Accommodation Online portlet should be on Home page of MySaint, it may be on at the bottom of the page. If it is not shown anywhere you can Add Content and select Applications>Accommodation Online.


 How to add the Accommo Online portlet