The site

 3D model of Guardbridge energy centre

Site location

The Eden Campus site is located in the small village of Guardbridge, five miles west of St Andrews. The 9.6 hectare site contains a mix of land and buildings which formerly comprised the paper mill and associated activities, and includes a number of listed buildings associated with the mill.

Since the closure of the paper mill in 2008, much of the mill machinery has been removed and a small microbrewery has been established in the southwest corner of the site.

Aerial view of the Guardbridge Energy Centre site (PDF)

Site history

The Eden Campus site has a long history of industrial use. A distillery was first founded on the main site in 1855 and operated until 1894.

In 1894 the main site was converted into a papermill. The site continued to be used to manufacture paper until 2008 when the site closed. The University of St Andrews acquired the site in 2010, the principal objective of the purchase being to develop an energy centre.

In addition to an energy centre, the University recognised the potential of the wider site in terms of the ability to provide research and development opportunities as well as employment opportunities for University and local companies.

Sustainable Power and Research Campus (SPARC)

The University proposes to develop ongoing industrial, storage, distribution and office uses, with research and development activity, associated with the University of St Andrews’ Sustainable Power and Research Campus (SPARC) and associated access, infrastructure, open space and ancillary works.

Such uses present a viable and flexible alternative to the development framework, with a view to bringing the site back into active use, and delivering investment in the vacant site and employment opportunities which can assist in regenerating Guardbridge.

SPARC notional layout (PDF)