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The University of St Andrews embraces sustainable development across all of its operations, fully integrating it into all that we do.

We have a mission to be recognised locally and internationally as a world-class institution that leads by example, actively implementing imaginative solutions and initiatives that achieve the aims of a more sustainable society.

Our vision

Our three-part strategy to become carbon neutral for energy production:

  • Behaviour change: encouraging reduction in energy consumption such as the inter-hall energy competition in halls of residence which in previous years have achieved savings of 48 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  • Energy efficiency and investment: ensuring highest energy efficiency in the built environment.
  • Micro and macro renewable energy: investing in solar thermal heating on our residential and science buildings, solar photovoltaics (PV) electrical generation and ground source heat pumps on site. Our macro renewables plan will lead to a carbon reduction of 27,000 tonnes per annum through the development of the Eden Campus Energy Centre and Kenly wind farm.

Students, staff and the local community are all encouraged to work with the University to meet this vision. For ideas of some of the opportunities on offer, take a look at the projects below.