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This University’s future relies on the generation of new ideas, closer engagement with our stakeholders, and a shared commitment to build on our strengths and realise our ambitions. To go on being successful, we cannot stand still. This Strategy provides purpose, direction, and a broad decision-making framework for the development of this vision in the next five years.

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The Strategy has been developed in close consultation with the University community and itemises only those commitments that are fundamental to its realisation.

Underpinning the Strategy will be a more detailed plan with objectives, ownership allocation, and a set of enabling strategies (people, estate, accommodation, finance, and digital). Philanthropy and the support of our alumni will be central to the University’s business plan.

In working with this Strategy, we expect to refine and revise it to ensure it remains active and relevant. We will always stay true to our values and the Homeric motto that expresses our determination to move forward with purpose, integrity, and success: Ever to Excel.