St Andrews is a Scottish university with a global orientation rooted in European traditions. Our demographic profile is highly distinctive with over 45% of our students and staff coming from outside the UK. We are proud that the University is ranked among the top universities in the world for its international outlook; we are determined to maintain and extend this element of our identity.

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Competition is increasing, with universities around the world making substantial investments in their global activities. Alliances and partnerships between universities and between universities and other stakeholders are quickly solidifying. As a sector leader in international engagement, we will develop strategic partnerships, as we consolidate our own position to achieve still more.


Global St Andrews will play a key role in bringing together staff, students, alumni, and other stakeholders to contribute to the broad range of our international activities, promoting our global brand, and developing our engagement worldwide. We will draw staff and students from across the world to visit and work with us because of our welcoming and cosmopolitan scholarly community. Engaging strategically, we will promote and build the value of the St Andrews experience through work with partners and alumni worldwide.


Global St Andrews will have strong academic values at its core, will operate with flexibility to frame activities in ways that respond to global trends, underpin our research and teaching endeavour, and recognise the need to support the economic growth and well-being of developing countries. Global St Andrews will use strategic drivers and key objectives to prioritise and focus development and engagement in active and emergent markets.


In line with our academic priorities, we will develop and support high-quality and innovative short programmes and summer schools under the Global St Andrews brand. These programmes will draw on academic expertise from across the University and (in addition to income generation) will be an important tool for student recruitment, mobility, and strengthening institutional partnerships.


Global St Andrews will act as a platform for supporting students and staff in realising their career ambitions internationally. We will work to secure access to career-related opportunities and a rich array of internship and study abroad options by working with alumni and partners across the world.


Global St Andrews will:

  • Develop the scale, quality, and value of the University’s international networks
  • Provide coordinated support and frameworks for staff leading on collaboration, international research, and curriculum development
  • Enhance our academic activities and recruitment in existing markets such as Europe and North America, and in emerging markets such as China and India
  • Provide an incubator for emerging initiatives that respond to global trends
  • Provide a welcoming gateway for the world to come to St Andrews
  • Enable further access to opportunities globally for students and staff


We will deliver this by:

  • An internationalisation strategy which will respond to four key strategic drivers: research collaborations; student and staff mobility; reputation building; and income generation, underpinned by our social responsibility commitment
  • Aligning the work of the outward-facing professional service units within Global St Andrews and establishing an International Office as a lynchpin for a range of international activities
  • Establishing a physical space and virtual presence that enable the successful operation of Global St Andrews and create a welcoming environment for international students, staff, alumni, and visitors
  • Developing and testing global initiatives with the potential to be adopted into the University’s core research and teaching portfolios


The progress of Global St Andrews will be indicated by:

  • Balancing the size and diversity of the student body in line with our objectives
  • Increasing levels and sources of income and funding to support international priorities
  • Enhancing the University’s reputation and employer recognition
  • Increasing the level of alumni interaction and philanthropic engagement
  • Increasing international opportunities for staff and students


Fundamental investment requirements:

  • Space to enable collaboration, support, and an enhanced digital presence
  • A seed fund for a number of new initiatives
  • Incentives that engage academic leadership in our international activities
  • Growing the skills and expertise necessary to deliver Global St Andrews 


To be entrepreneurial in our culture is to see potential in existing and future activity and to translate that into action and application.