Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)

Professor J Derek Woollins - Vice-Principal (Research)‌The Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) assumes responsibility for all research activities within the University. Responsibilities of the Vice Principal (Research and Innovation) include:

  • oversight of the University’s research strategy
  • development and management of internal policy of practice relating to research
  • answering general questions about research and recruitment of postgraduate research students
  • reporting on research activities to external agencies, including the Research Assessment Exercise (REF).

Professor J Derek Woollins

The current Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) is Professor Derek Woollins. He has held this role since 2014.

Professor Woollins is an inorganic chemist who studies the synthesis of selenium and tellurium rich molecules for applications as diverse as health and electronics. Woollins’ Reagent, which is used to incorporate selenium into organic molecules is named after him. He graduated in chemistry from the University of East Anglia and held positions in Vancouver, Michigan, Leeds, Imperial College, London and Loughborough before moving to St Andrews in 1999. He was Head of School of Chemistry from 2008 to 2014. He was elected FRSE in 2002, to the European Academy of Sciences in 2008 and to the European Academy of Science and Arts in 2012.