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Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost)

St Leonard’s College is the collective name for the University’s postgraduate community; the head of St Leonard’s retains the historic title of Provost.

‌The Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost) works to promote the interest of postgraduates across the University and to champion the development of postgraduate education and research. The Provost is responsible for enriching the postgraduate community and works closely with partners across the University to support the effectiveness and coherency of services and support for postgraduates. 

The Provost also supervises the Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies, an academic School which has been established to foster interdisciplinary postgraduate education and scholarship.

Dr Monique Mackenzie

The current Provost is Dr Monique Mackenzie. She has held this role since August 2018. As the Head of St Leonard’s College, she is committed to all postgraduates at St Andrews.

Dr Mackenzie completed her studies in New Zealand and is a statistician who develops methods and software for data collected over space and time. Her work focuses on identifying spatially explicit change in complex natural systems and primarily finds application in the marine renewables sector as part of environmental impact assessments.

Dr Mackenzie is actively involved in several conservation projects in Africa as a statistician and, has recently been awarded a grant from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Microsoft AI for Earth for her work on vulture poisoning in Namibia and surrounding countries. In her spare time, she volunteers on the Children's Panel in Scotland. 

Monique has previously served as the Director of Teaching in the School of Mathematics and Statistics as well as Deputy Director and Director of the Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies before taking up her post as Assistant Vice-Principal (Provost).