Pro Dean Research Postgraduate

Dr James Palmer, Pro Dean Research Postgraduate, sitting on a bench‌The Pro Dean Research Postgraduate is responsible for research postgraduate learning and teaching matters.


  • Responsible for overseeing research postgraduate curriculum design and approval across all Faculties on behalf of the Deans.
  • Advice and policy/regulatory development on all research postgraduate matters including academic progression, progress review and termination of studies.
  • Academic lead for research postgraduate student induction.
  • Support for collaborative doctoral training schemes.
  • The research postgraduate student experience.
  • Consider serious student matters related to changes of circumstances.
  • Module Board Convenor for ID4001, ‘Communication & Teaching in Science’.

Dr James Palmer

The current Pro Dean Research Postgraduate is Dr James Palmer. 

Dr Palmer is a historian of the early Middle Ages, whose research focuses on international intellectual networks. His latest book, The Apocalypse in the Early Middle Ages, is due out with Cambridge University Press late in 2014.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a founding editor of The Mediaeval Journal. He is interested in the possibilities of ‘digital humanities’ for shaping and disseminating future research.