Pro Dean Curriculum - Science

Sharon Leahy Pro Dean curriculum science

The Pro Dean Curriculum for Science is responsible for undergraduate curriculum design and approval for the Faculty of Science.


  • Overseeing undergraduate curriculum design and approval across the Faculty of Science on behalf of the Dean.
  • Academic input on collaborative programmes, study abroad and work placements.
  • Enhancing access through non-traditional routes.
  • Member of judging panel for Teaching Excellence Awards.
  • Faculty contact for Curriculum for Excellence.

Dr Sharon Leahy

The current Pro Dean Curriculum for the Faculty of Science is Dr Sharon Leahy.

Sharon Leahy is a Lecturer (education focused) in the School of Geography and Sustainable Development. She is the head of 4th Year Geography and the School’s Ethics Chair. Her main research interests are in border studies, inequalities, and social justice for ethnic minority groups. Sharon has worked at St Andrews since 2010 and was the proud recipient of the Student’s Association Outstanding Teacher Award in April 2017.