Pro Dean Curriculum - Arts and Divinity

Dr Lisa Jones‌The Pro Dean Curriculum for Arts and Divinity is responsible for undergraduate curriculum design and approval for these Faculties.


  • Overseeing undergraduate curriculum design and approval across the Faculties of Arts and Divinity on behalf of the Dean.
  • Academic input on collaborative programmes, study abroad and work placements.
  • Academic director for the BA International Honours programme.
  • Member of judging panel for Teaching Excellence Awards.
  • Faculty contact for Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Module Board Convenor for ID4001, ‘Communication and Teaching in Arts and Humanities’; ID5101, ‘Introduction to University Teaching 1’; and ID5102, ‘Introduction to University Teaching 2’.

Dr Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Philosophical, Anthropological, and Film Studies (Department of Philosophy). She works primarily in philosophy of art and aesthetics, as well as in ethics and moral philosophy. Her research is often focused on fiction, as a phenomenon and as an art form. She was a Director of Teaching for many years before taking up the role of Pro Dean, and is a past recipient of a University Teaching Excellence Award.