Pro Dean Advising - Arts and Divinity

Stephen Tyre - Pro Dean Advising - Arts and Divinity‌The Pro Dean Advising for Arts and Divinity is responsible for the undergraduate advising process and other academic processes for the corresponding Faculty; works with Admissions on development of admissions strategy and processes; facilitates interaction between the admissions and curriculum development processes.


  • Oversee the undergraduate academic advising process.
  • Consider requests for:
    • late module changes
    • Faculty transfers
    • variations from programme requirements
    • waivers of specific academic policies or regulations.
  • Oversee:
    • academic intervention process, including probation and termination of studies
    • Honours entry process.
  • Provide Faculty contact for:
    • advice and policy or regulatory development on undergraduate academic matters
    • advice on academic misconduct, including penalty approval
    • serious student matters related to changes of circumstances including V-coding, leave of absence and student absence.
  • Facilitate development of admissions strategy on student intake numbers with respect to degree type, programme, and entrant demographics.
  • Oversee communication on academic issues with prospective students and offer holders.
  • Identify admissions-related issues in the curriculum design and approvals process.
  • Monitor patterns of student demand at module and programme level, and feed into curriculum design process.
  • Contribute to the work of the Qualifications Group within the Admissions unit.
  • Approve penalties for cases of student academic misconduct.
  • Provide academic advice and oversight for the evening degree programme.
  • Convene examination boards and consider student appeals for ID modules.

Dr Stephen Tyre

The current Pro Dean Advising for Arts and Divinity is Dr Stephen Tyre. 

Stephen Tyre is a lecturer in the School of History and director of the Centre for French History and Culture. His current research interests are in the history of France and its colonial Empire, particularly in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, in the 20th century; decolonisation; and post-colonialism and legacies of empire in France.