Report and Support Second ReportUnderstanding the numbers

The increase in the number of reports may be understood in part because we are comparing 12 months of data (September 2021-end of August 2022) against 10 (November 2020-end of August 2021) when the tool was first launched. The efforts of students and staff detailed in the Delivery of Action Plan section to enhance awareness of Report and Support has also contributed. Thirdly, the increase may be a result of people becoming more familiar with reporting. The pandemic restrictions which required students and staff to stay at home, and restricted socialising opportunities, may have reduced the number of reports in 2020-1.

The data only includes reports from anonymous and named sources that were made through Report and Support. It does not include disclosures or reports made directly to Student Services, Conduct or Human Resources. Work to understand the complexities of centralising such reports is being undertaken as part of the University’s work on the Emily Test.