Report and Support Second ReportDelivery of action plan from the previous report

We established two Report and Support Fora in spring 2021, comprising a range of student representation, staff from Human Resources, Conduct, and Student Services. Each forum provided an opportunity for people to speak about their reporting experiences and to consider the best ways to address issues. The previous year’s Fora provided the basis for the initial action plan which has subsequently been implemented.

In the first action plan we committed to raise awareness of the Report and Support tool seeking to build confidence in using it. We have done this by:

  • Supplementing the Report and Support Webpages with student-led social media posts that explain how to make a report and what happens to reports after they have been submitted.
  • Embedding information about Report and Support in student orientation and staff inductions.
  • Adding Report and Support to other webpages and events to highlight the tool.
  • Speaking about Report and Support in information sessions to different groups within the community, for example, managers and students.

We are grateful to:

  • Got Consent Students and Student Services colleagues who included Report and Support in the Consent and Bystander Intervention Training, which is undertaken by entrant students, in the Orientation web pages and as part of the Safety and Security information linked from the University’s Orientation App.
  • The wardennial team for participating in LISTEN training, led by Student Services and designed to support those who disclose GBV.
  • The Student Service intern and former Got Consent Coordinator who produced visual guides for reporting sexual harassment or misconduct to the university. The guides explain what happens once a report has been made.
  • The Principal Professor Dame Sally Mapstone, Corporate Communications, the Rector’s Assessor and representatives from the student community for the production of the ‘Identifying and Challenging Racism’ video.
  • The Student Association Director of Wellbeing for 2021-2, who produced flowcharts to illustrate the process for both anonymous and named reporting.
  • The Students' Association Wellbeing and Equality Co-ordinator and Director of Wellbeing for 2021-2, who helped produce supporting documents, in relation to Drink Spiking.
  • The Students’ Association, who hosted events with Student Services to talk about reporting with the BAME student network and to discuss intersectionality.
  • OSDS (Organisational & Staff Development Services) and HR (Human Resources) colleagues who included Report and Support into the staff onboarding process and highlighted the Report and Support tool in the staff essential training.
  • Students, HR, and IT colleagues, who helped produce a video explaining how to make a report and added links to the tool to Administration A-Z, Staff Wellbeing pages, MySaint and staff self-service.