Call numberms39039/1/13
TitleCommissioned photography various
CollectionPapers of Franki Raffles
DescriptionMatertials relating to photography commissions, including:

/1 Advert drafts for Harpies and Quinnes magazine including 'for women with attitude' and 'not just for dungaree clad dykes' campaign; article by Lesley Riddoch on the 'Not just for...' campaign; Copy of Harpies and Quines No. 11 February 1994, featuring 'not just for dungaree clad dykes' advert.

/2 Individual photographs in 'Walk the Talk: Becoming a more successful manager', produced by BBC eductation Scotland (1991);

/3 Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations report (1992);

/4 'Putting Women in the Picture', information pack accompanying television series (1987)

/5 Edinburgh District Council Women's Committee 1985-1990

/6 Supping with the Devil: Scotland's Apartheid Connection (SEAD Campaign 1990)

/6 NALGO NHS union leaflet

/7 City of Edinburgh District Council Women's Directory (2 copies)

/ 8 Slides related to Dunfermline Women's Technology Centre, Professional Association of Teachers, Scottish Child Law Centres;

/ 9 Correspodence relating to possible use of 'Charcoal Burners in Dominica'

/ 10 Correspondence relating to Women's Aid exhibition, c. 1990-1991;

/ 11 Artlink Initiative 'What is Disability': outsized file of material related to Artlink initiative 'What is Disability: Your Frame of Mind is our Disability', including seven A3 campaign posters - 'sexless', 'invisible', 'brainless', 'voiceless', 'excluded', 'redundant', 'powerless'; poem by resident of Royal Edinburgh Infirmary; Artlink annual review 1992-1993; copy of newspaper article on campaign; sheet with Artlink logo; handwritten note;
Extent1 file + 1 outsized bundle
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