Call numberms39022/2
TitleLiterary autograph album
CollectionMM Holloway autograph collection
DescriptionAlbum 2, Literary, ms39022/2

f3. Original autograph verse fable "Le Chesne et le Roseau" [The Oak and the Reed] by Jean de La Fontaine (in his own hand) 1
f4. John Locke to Anthony Collins, including comments about Locke's Paraphrase and Notes on Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians and Sherlock's 'Digression on Innate Ideas against Mr Locke'. This copy in Locke's hand; previously printed from Pierre Desmaizeaux's copy in Locke's Correspondence, ed. E. de Beer, letter 3565. 19 June 1704 2
f5. John Locke to Anthony Collins, with condolences on the death of Collins's first wife and thanks for sending books. This copy in Locke's hand; previously printed from Pierre Desmaizeaux's copy in Locke's Correspondence, ed. E. de Beer, letter 3278. 4 May 1703 3
f6. Number missed out
f7. Joseph Addison to Mr Montaigne/Montaigue, about a fire at Châteaudun. 23 July 1700 4
f8. Charles Dickens to Lyttleton. 8 November 1855 5
f.9. Voltaire to Antoine Augustin Calmet (OB), abbé de Sénones (historian of northern France, biblical scholar and occultist, and friend of Voltaire): regarding a prospective visit by Voltaire to Calmet. 1748 6
f.9v. 2 letters from M R Mitford to Mrs Holloway, 1852, one from M R Mitford to Mrs Dillon 7
f.10 Leigh Hunt to Miss Morris [later Mrs Holloway], 1837 8
f.11. Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Toussaint-Pierre Lenieps (Paris banker & exiled dissident from Geneva), 1758 9
f.12. Blank
f.13 Jonathan Swift to Edward Harley, second earl of Oxford, regarding the sending of a picture and ring, the prospective birth of a child to Oxford, and on Lord Carteret's sacking of a chaplain. 1 October 1725 10
f.14. James Thomson to David Mallet, with or on some lines of poetry. 6 September 1726 11
f.15. Thomas Gray to Rev Brown, Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. 1767 12
f.16. Alexander Pope to Samuel Buckley, on the question of advertising a matter enclosed and on his correspondence with a bishop. [1713?] 13
f.17. Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, to Mr Dodsley, on the publication of a Series of Letters and his aborted plans to print an account of the most remarkable ceremonies in Paris. 14? December 1736 14
f.17v. Engraving of Horace Walpole, 19th c watercolour of Strawberry Hill House by Harding 15a
f.18. Horace Walpole, Berkeley Square, to John Pinkerton, 1794 15
f.19. Samuel Johnston, relating to Mr Gwyn the architect. 1775 16
f.20 2 poems by Shenstone for Mr Whistler, Winter 1746 and Song left after a visit at Barels, 1747-1748 17
f.21. Walter Scott to Miss Lydia White, 1810? 18
f.22. Robert Burns to Rev Dr Thomas Blacklock, with 2 poems, A Mother's Lament for the loss of her son, and The Lazy Mist to a tune in Oswald, 5 November 1788 19
f.23. William Cowper to Lady Hesketh, 1789 20
f.24. Thomas Campbell, note and poem, Lines on revisiting a Scottish River 21
f.25. Walter Scott to George Chalmers, referring to the publication of the "Border Minstrelsy", 17 February 1796 22
f.26. Robert Southey to the Editor of the Courier, long article attacking Lord Byron, 3 December 1824 23
f.27. William Wordsworth to Benjamin Dockray, on slavery, 25 April, no year 24
f.28. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Poet in the Clouds (or Fancy in Nubibus), composed by the sea, October 1817 25
f.29. Lord Byron to Canon Hodgson, former tutor at Eton, on the death of his mother, 22 August 1811 26
f.30. Charles Lamb, with note by H Crabb Robinson, 20 January 1826, 1827 27
f.31. Simondo Sismondi to Girolamo Nardini, 1839 28
f.32. H Hallam to Palgrave, 1824 29
f.32v. Pencil sketch by Charles Landseer, of Hazlitt 30a
f.33. William Hazlitt to Knight Spencer, 1819 30
f.33v. Goethe to a lady on the subject of colour, 1811, with translation 31
f.34. Note by F G Schiller to Dr Korner, and engraving 32
f.35. Beethoven to Mr Broadwood, London, 3 February 1818, in French 33
f.36. Felix Mendelsohn to Charles Edward Horsley, 1845, in German 34
f.37. Rossini to Landa della Ripa, 1851; Louis Spohr, 1827 35
Extent1 album
Creator nameMarseille Middleton Holloway (1809-1891)
Admin historyAlbum of autograph letters collected over a number of years by Marseille Middleton Holloway (1809-1891) for his wife Anna. This is one of a pair of albums and contains letters from figures in the spheres of literature, philosophy and music, including Lord Byron, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Jonathon Swift, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, John Locke, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Samuel Johnston, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The fine binding of the album was made in London following an eighteenth century Parisian style.
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