Call numberUYSL110
TitleInventoried papers including pittance writs
CollectionMuniments of the University of St Andrews
DescriptionThe papers are divided into three categories:
UYSL110/A-UYSL110S Inventoried papers;
UYSL110/Misc/1-UYSL110/Misc/22 Miscellaneous papers;
UYSL110/PW/1-UYSL110/PW/128 Pittance Writs.
ArrangementArrangement remains virtually undisturbed since 1782, the whole series being slotted in to the classification scheme imposed upon the muniments since 1961.
Extent41 bundles (of which 11 are wanting) + 4 box files + 126 documents, totalling 9 boxes + 3 volumes
Creator nameSt Leonard's College in the University of St Andrews
Admin historyThese papers were arranged in bundles and inventoried by William Smith, advocate, Aberdeen, between 14-31 May 1782, with some later modifications and additions.
Archival historyRetained in the custody of the University of St Andrews.
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