Call numberUYUY
TitleNon-collegiate records of the University of St Andrews, 1409-[ongoing].
CollectionMuniments of the University of St Andrews
DescriptionThese muniments are the core record of the life of the University. They include records of the faculties, Senatus, Rectorial Court, University Court and General Council as well as records relating to privileges, lands and buildings, officers and staff, students and graduates, relations with outside bodies, and general administrative papers including personnel records, quaestorial records, student residence records, secretarial archives. There are also papers of university officials, and of student organisations and societies.
ArrangementThe material has been arranged in the following groups in accordance with a classification scheme imposed since 1961:
UYUY 100-199 Privileges, Lands and Buildings
UYUY 200-299 Officers and Staff
UYUY 300-399 Students and Graduates
UYUY 400-499 Faculties, Senatus and Rectorial Court
UYUY 500-599 University Court
UYUY 600-699 General Council
UYUY 7P General Administration: Personnel records
UYUY 7Q General Administration: Quaestorial records
UYUY 7Res General Administration: Student Residence records
UYUY 7Sec General Administration: Secretarial archives
UYUY 800-899 Relations with outside bodies
UYUY 875-880 Papers of University officials
UYUY 900-920 Student papers
UYUY 975 Miscellaneous university organisations
UYM Miscellaneous material
The records of the component colleges (St John's College/ the Pedagogy, St Salvators College, St Leonards College, St Mary's College, the United College and the Colleges of St Andrews at Dundee) and the University Library do not form part of this classification.
ExtentTo be established
Creator nameUniversity of St Andrews
Admin historyThese records were created by the University in the performance of its role as an institution of higher education from the fifteenth century to date. They relate to all aspects of the life of the institution.
Archival historyRetained in the custody of the University of St Andrews.
Related materialMaterial relating to the component colleges of the University of St Andrews can be found at GB 0227 UYSS, UYSL, UYSM, UYUC and UYDC. Similarly, the records of the University Library can be found at GB 0227 UYLY.
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