Call numberms54(o)
TitleHebrew scroll
CollectionOriental Manuscripts
Date16th or 17th centuries
DescriptionHebrew scroll, containing Genesis 1:1-Exodus 16:19; Exodus 31:17-34:12; Leviticus 21:5-27:3; Numbers 26:50-31:37; Numbers 17:4-22:17; [Numbers 27:40-30:12; this is incorrect, proper reference not currently known]; Deuteronomy 7:22-10:9.
Unpointed Hebrew on well preserved parchment; no colophon, no indication as to date. Each column consist of 45 lines of text, columns varying in width. At least two different hands.
Note by R Davidson, 19 February 1962, covering letter indicating date to be not later than 11th or 12th century.
Visitor from Hebrew University of Jerusalem indicated that it was written on German or more probably Italian deerskin dating from 16th or 17th centuries.
Extent1 scroll
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