Call numberms38631
TitleTwo bifolia of part of Gospel of St Luke, Bible, glossed.
CollectionIndividual Manuscripts and Small Collections
Datec. 1230
DescriptionManuscript on vellum of Luke 1 verses 40-67 and Luke 11 verses 18-39.
Text on 25 or 26 lines, within marginal gloss on up to 50 lines, ruled, with some interlinear gloss to text, written in black ink in two sizes of gothic hand, small illuminated initials in red and blue with contrasting penwork, paragraph marks for glosses in red and blue alternately, one folio with blank corner missing and a small hole, some pricking and ruling marks. Sale catalogue allocated Paris as place of origin.
Extent1 bifolium and 2 leaves forming 2nd bifolium
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