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The spring telephone campaign: it’s good to talk

Thursday 15 February 2018

ella walshElla Walsh – currently in year 2 of a Modern Languages and International Relations degree – is a Development intern and a previous student caller. Here, she describes what she has learned from the many alumni she has talked to over the past couple of years, and why she is proud to be part of this key fundraising initiative. 

“I joined the St Andrews Telephone Campaign during the first semester of my first year. Since then I have talked to many different alumni about their experiences (and the romances they began!) while they were here, and the varied careers they have followed since leaving the ‘bubble’. While everyone has a different story, the common factor uniting them all is how their time at St Andrews gave them opportunities that changed their life.

“The telephone campaign also gives us a chance to update alumni about all the new programmes, societies, buildings, student experiences and new opportunities that they can help to support or be involved in.

“The Wardlaw Scholarship programme is one such initiative: without the help this provides to fund accommodation and living costs, many hardworking and talented students would be unable to study at St Andrews.

“I am really proud to be part of the campaign by helping in the Annual Giving office, so I can do my bit to support our students and the University community. As a student caller, I have also learned an incredible amount about the University and about the students who walked the streets of St Andrews before me.

“To all those kind alumni who took the time to talk to me and to donate to the Campaign – thank you – and I hope you will enjoy speaking to other fellow students over the next couple of weeks.”

If you receive a phone call from a student, it would be wonderful if you could spare a few minutes to talk to them, share your experiences and support St Andrews and its students.

Find out more information about the telephone campaign and the programmes it supports.