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The University of Dundee at 50

Tuesday 20 June 2017

At midday on Wednesday 14 June the University of St Andrews welcomed the University of Dundee’s 50th Anniversary Charity Challenge team to the Quad for a short ceremony to celebrate Dundee’s special birthday and its historic links with St Andrews.

The team – led by the University of Dundee’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Peter Downes and his wife Elizabeth – took up the challenge of cycling, rowing and running a total of 50 miles to “raise money to improve the health and wellbeing of Dundee students to ensure they can reach their full potential”.

The intrepid travellers began their journey at the School of Nursing in Kirkcaldy. They called into St Andrews on the way back to Dundee and were cheered on as they cycled into St Salvator’s Quad where Principal Professor Sally Mapstone was waiting to greet them. Guests and hosts then exchanged gifts and enjoyed a slice of birthday cake.

Suitably energised by their refreshments, the team then carried on to the University of Dundee Medical School at Ninewells Hospital before they completed the Challenge at Campus Green.

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Dundee 50th

The Principal Professor Sally Mapstone greets the University of Dundee’s 50th Anniversary Charity Challenge team.