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The Monroe Maxmilian Broad Anatomy Resource Centre, School of Medicine

Friday 19 May 2017

Dr Rutenberg and Gini Tate

The late Dr Monroe Maxmilian Broad was born in Brooklyn and graduated from the University of New York in 1929. He continued his study of medicine at the University of St Andrews and graduated MB ChB in 1933.

Dr Broad’s career spanned 51 years: apart from a stint as a military surgeon when he participated in the Normandy invasion in 1944, he practised medicine at Queens General Hospital, Jamaica Hospital and Hillcrest Garden hospital before retiring in 1984.

He and his wife the late Mrs Isobel Broad had always felt a great affection for St Andrews and, as a result, Mrs Broad left a US$100,000 gift to the University’s School of Medicine in honour of her husband.

The legacy was realised to the University in January 2017. Dr Joel M Rutenberg – Mrs Broad’s nephew and the executor for her estate – agreed with the University that the gift should be used to name the Anatomy Resource Centre (the home to the University’s Medical Library) in Dr Broad’s memory, and to purchase two ultrasound machines to train students on the interpretation of imaging.

Dr Rutenberg (a retired neurologist) and his wife Gini Tate (a retired ICU nurse) attended the naming ceremony on Thursday 20 April along with Professor Zajicek, clinical skills and anatomy staff and medical students. They then took part in a tour of the School of Medicine and visited Martyrs Kirk to view Dr Broad’s matriculation documents.