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News / I Wanna Be Elected!

So, as you'll no doubt have noticed (Unless you haven't read our last few emails) our AGM is coming up soon, and we want new blood!
Being part of the RockSoc committee is pretty awesome and also gives you a chance to have a bigger say in how St Andrews' LOUDEST society is run.
There are a whole bunch of positions up for grabs, so we've listed each of them below along with a description of what they involve.

President: The job of the President is to preside over the society and keep the committee organised. They're the big cheese and have lots of little tasks to do. (But nothing specific)

Vice President: The Vice presides... In a vicely manner. They basically help the President and pick up any slack when they're too busy. They are the President's right hand man / woman and are there to assist and lead when needed.

Treasurer: The one that stops us spending our cash in stupid ways and on frivolous things. In charge of keeping the books up to date and tracking our income as well as managing the society funds.

Secretary: The keeper of minutes of and our documents. Without this role we'd have no idea how many members we have and wouldn't remember what we discussed previously at meetings.

Publicity Officer: The designer of posters, t-shirts and all the society's other forms of marketing and advertising. You should have some decent skills with graphic design (Or paint brushes) or be really, really good with glue and magazine clippings. As well as that, you'll also need to liaise with the Union about publicity and drink promotions.

Web Editor: You are master of our website and online presence. You must update and maintain the website as well as run our Facebook, Twitter and Livestream accounts. You'll probably have to work quite closely with the Publicity Officer to keep things looking pretty!

ENTS Officer: You liaise with the Union's ENTS crew and tell them what we want and when we want it. Technical expertise in sound engineering and light rigging is not essential but it always helps.

Radio Officer: You get to host RockSTAR on a weekly basis! You'll get taught how to produce the radio show and become our voice on the airwaves. You are responsible for all our radio programming and the sourcing of special guests for the show. You don't need a face for radio.

DJ Convenor: You are in charge of organising the DJs for Club Nights. That means picking who DJs and how many sets there'll be. You're also in charge of maintaining the Rocksoc DJ Library of CDs and working with the other DJs to update it regularly with new material.

Any of those positions take your fancy? Why not run for committee then!
As we said earlier, our AGM is on the 26th of April this year. We'll provide more information about how to run for positions later, but it's usually quite informal. (Show up early, get nominated, give a quick speech, etc.)

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