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News: Old English and Anglo-Saxon England in the Media

This page lists a selection of news stories with a literary, linguistic, historical or archeological focus on Old English and Anglo-Saxon England. Please follow the links below. (For announcements regarding conferences and meetings, see also our page on Events).

Sutton Hoo Gallery reopened in British Museum, London (Guardian online, 23/03/14)

Anglo-Saxon Burial Remains Move to Mildenhall (BBC Website, 28/09/13)

Anglo-Saxon Sarcophagus to be Opened at Lincoln (BBC Website, 24/08/13)

Bid to analyse Winchester Remains for King Alfred Link (BBC Website, 06/08/13)

Tenth-Century Remains Found in Lincoln Castle (BBC Website, 21/05/13)

Further Staffordshire News (BBC Website, 01/05/13)

Further Staffordshire Finds (BBC Website, 18/12/12)

Excavation of an Anglo-Saxon Hall at Lyminge, Kent (Daily Telegraph Website, 31/10/12)

Historian Suspects 10,000 Bodies at Hastings (Daily Telegraph Website, 25/10/12)

Woman and Cow in Anglo-Saxon Grave (BBC Website, 25/06/12)

Anglo-Saxon Graves Trumpington (Guardian online, 16/03/12)

Sapphire Ring from Yorkshire (Independent online, 29/07/11)

British Library Bid for St Cuthbert Gospel (BBC Website, 14/07/11)

Early Anglo-Saxon Settlement Found Near Newcastle (BBC Website, 21/12/10)

England's Earliest Hospital (Guardian online, 20/10/10)


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