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Advising and Matriculation - Undergraduates

‌‌Advising and Matriculation September 2015

Advising and Matriculation will take place Monday 7 - Wednesday 9 September 2015.

The matriculation process

Matriculation involves online matriculation and other elements that must be completed in person, such as Advising and identity or passport and visa checks. To become a matriculated student you must fully complete all the elements.

If your matriculation is not fully complete by Monday of Week 1 of teaching you will begin to receive warnings under the Failure to Register policy.

All students must matriculate at the start of each year of their studies. Students who take Leave of Absence for Semester 1 must re-matriculate for their return at the start of Semester 2.


You must attend Advising and have your module choices validated to become a matriculated (registered) student. Medicine students meet with their Personal Tutors instead.

If you do not know who your Adviser is you can find out by looking on your module choices page in the Advising facility, accessible from the Academic tab in iSaint or from the Online Advising link on the right of this page. Advisers for the new academic year are allocated during August and early September.

If you will be in your Honours years and are studying for a Joint Honours degree you must see the Honours Adviser of each of the subjects you will be studying e.g. if your degree is MA (Honours) French and Latin, you must see the Honours Adviser in French and the Honours Adviser in Classics.

Advising Details - September 2015

Sub-honours students (1st and 2nd year and General degrees): Tuesday 8 - Wednesday 9 September

Arts & Divinity students and Science students with Advisers from the Schools of Economics & Finance and Management must attend Advising in the Gateway building. You will be emailed an appointment time a few days before Orientation Week.

Science students (apart from those with Advisers from the Schools of Economics & Finance and Management) must attend Advising in their Schools. You will be contacted by your School with further details.

Honours students (3rd, 4th and 5th year): Monday 7 - Wednesday 9 September

Students in their Honours years must attend Advising in their Schools. Schools will contact students with further details.

Incoming non-graduating students (exchanges and study abroad): 1-5pm Monday 7 September

Incoming non-graduating students must attend Advising in the Gateway building. You will be emailed with your specific timeslot in early September.

The timetable by surname is as follows:

  • A-B: 1.00pm
  • C-D: 1.30pm
  • E-G: 2.00pm
  • H-K: 2.30pm
  • L-Mi: 3.00pm
  • Mo-P: 3.30pm
  • R-S: 4.00pm
  • T-Z: 4.30pm

Evening Degree students

Evening Degree students must attend Advising 5-7pm Monday 7 or Tuesday 8 September. The Lifelong learning team will contact you with further details.

Medicine students

Medicine students do not need to attend Advising. As all Medicine modules are compulsory, your modules will be entered for you. The School of Medicine will contact you about meeting with your Personal Tutor instead.


You will receive further information in August or January (depending on the month you are due to matriculate) regarding online matriculation. This will be sent to your University email account, so check your account regularly.

The Matriculation event will take place in the Gateway building and will involve visa and passport checks, as well as general help with matriculation and payment of fees.

You can go to matriculate at any point - you do not have to wait until after your Advising appointment.

If you require assistance after the matriculation event you should go to the ASC.


You may request changes to your module choices during the Re-advising period, which is until 1pm on the Monday of Week 2 of each semester. You must make these requests to the relevant Adviser(s), who will check whether the changes are permissible and discuss them with you as appropriate.

Requests made after the deadline are unlikely to be granted.

If you are an incoming non-graduating student (exchange or study abroad) and you wish to be advised into a 3000 or 4000 level module, you must see the Honours Adviser for that subject. If you wish to transfer into a 1000 or 2000 level module you should either email the Pro Dean (Advising) of your Faculty or make an appointment to see them via the Advice and Support Centre.

Class timetables

See timetabling information for times and locations of 'core activities'. Tutorials are usually organised by Schools and they will let you know about the arrangements.

You will be able to view your personal timetable via iSaint. It may take a day or so after you have been advised for your modules to show in iSaint and other systems e.g. MMS and Moodle.

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