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Current PhD students

Anthi Andronikou
Italy and Cyprus: Reciprocal artistic relations (thirteenth and fourteenth centuries)

David Bagot
Being Noble - Elite society, culture and identity in the Sasanian Empire

Miriam Buncombe
'The use of Ritualized Acts in late Medieval Mystical Texts'

Arran Calvert
"An exploration into the building, development, and continuation of the environment of Durham Cathedral"

James Carey
'The process of Sasanian diplomacy'

Roberta Cimino
'Italian queens in the 9th and 10th centuries'

Chera Cole
'Fairy in Mediaeval English and Scottish Literature'

Tegan Currie
The practices, perceptions and representations of death, burial and the dead in the archaeology of Scandinavia and in the Sagas

Amy Eberlin
"Flemings in Scotland: An Analysis of Flemish-Scottish Relations in the Fifteenth Century"

Jane Edwards
"Bettered by the Borrower" ?: the use of extracts from English Twelfth Century historical writing

Julia Essenburg
Gender Representation, Apophatic Theology and the English Mystics

Maxine Esser
'Legal Aspects of the Works of John of Salisbury'

Will Eves
“The Assize of Mort d’Ancestor in the Late Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries.”

Caitlin Flynn
'Grotesque in Late Medieval Scottish and English Literature'

Dustin Frazier
'A Gothic State? Medievalism and British National Identity, 1800-1850'

Michael French
'Religious Depictions: Written Representations of Anglo-Norman Churchmen (1066 - 1135)'

Kenneth Goudie
'The Role of Holy War in Islamic and Christian Eschatology'

Sarah Greer
'Holy Queens and Pious Ladies: the political patronage of religious institutions by elite women c. 750-1000'

Chantal Gustaw
‘Reading Dante and Paul in the 14th-Century’

Liz Hanna
"Matters in Britain: King Arthur and the Politics of Sovereignty in Medieval Scotland"

Eilidh Harris
Depictions of Sainthood in Anglo-Norman Hagiography

Claire Hawes
‘Kingship, Counsel and Service: Ideas and Practice of Government in Scotland (1424-1513)’

Joshua Hey
'Political Oaths in England'

Cory Hitt
'Law & honour in medieval Iceland and France'

Catriona Howie
Elections within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries

Gillian Jack
The Experience of Converted Prostitutes in the Monastero di Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite in Late Renaissance Florence

Annamieke Kaper
'The Iconography of St. John the Baptist in Medieval England, c. 1300-1550'

Rebecca Kerry
'Mapping the real and imaginary geographies of Britain in mediaeval romance'

Jennifer Key
'Death in Anglo-Saxon Hagiography'

Peter King
A late mediaeval confession manual, it's author and context

Kimberley Knight
Blessed are those who weep: the Gift of Tears in the High-Late Middle Ages

Christian Livermore
Dancing With Death: Following the trail of supernatural tales to danse macabre

Neil McGuigan
Middle Britain from the Tenth to the Twelfth Century

Matt McHaffie
Law and Legal Disputes in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Anjou

Elizabeth Mincin
'Curing the Common Soul: Rethinking Byzantine heresy with particular focus on literary motifs (10th-12th century)'

Claire Pascolini-Campbell
'The English Villon'

Anna Peterson
Sick Soul, Sick Body: Fourth Latern Council and hospitals in 13th century Narbonne and Siena

Edward Roberts
Flodoard of Rheims and his Annals

Emily Savage
'Misbehaving Women: The Alewife, the Gossip and the scold in Art 1300-1500'

Joanna Thornborough
Saints' Cults and Hagiography in Early Medieval Wurzburg and St Gall

Kathryn Tidd
"The transmission of Latin and vernacular ad status sermons in the early thirteenth century".

Justine Trombley
The Latin Translations of Marguerite Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls

Steven Watts
'From the University to the Convent: Perceptions of Female Religious Life in the Letters of Master Jordan of Saxony'

Enrico Veneziani
Honorius II (Pope) and His Ecclesiology