Reformation Studies Institute Seminar Programme


Semester 2, 2016-17

Seminars take place at 5.15 in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 69 South Street, unless otherwise specified

2 February
Renaud Morieux (Cambridge)
‘The Forced Migrations of Prisoners of War in the Eighteenth Century’.

16 February
Katherine Hill (University of East Anglia)
‘Material Cultures of Memory and Migration in the Reformation World’.

2 March
Liesbeth Corens (Cambridge)
‘English Catholic Counter-Archives: recording and creating community'.

30 March
Emily Michelson (St Andrews)
‘Old Foes and New Saints in Early Modern Rome’.  

13 April
David Onnekink (Utrecht)
'Europe and Christendom in early modern diplomatic discourse'.