Reformation Studies Institute Seminar Programme


Seminars take place at 5.15 in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 69 South Street, unless otherwise specified

Semester 2, 2015-16


4th February
Alexander Fisher (University of British Columbia)
‘Sounds and Silences: Reflections on Music, Sound, and the Phenomenology of Space in the Confessional Borderlands of the Holy Roman Empire’

18th February
Violet Soen (KU Leuven),
‘A Catholic International, or Transregional Catholicism? Print, Exiles and Hosts in and beyond Cambrai (1559-1659)’

23rd February,
Roger Mason (St Andrews),
'Where was your church before Knox? Rewriting the past in Reformation Scotland’

3rd March
Jonathan Willis (Birmingham),
‘Decalogue Boards and Popular Belief in Post-Reformation England’

14th April
John Henderson (Birkbeck),
'Prosecuting Plague in early modern Tuscany: between theory and practice'

28th April
Geoffrey Parker (Ohio State),
‘Incest, Blind Faith, and Conquest: The Grand Strategy of the Spanish Habsburgs, 1516-1700’. Carnegie Centenary Lecture, Lecture Theatre, New Arts Building, to be followed by a wine reception.