Graham Priest

Graham Priest was born in London longer ago than he cares to remember.  He studied at Cambridge and the LSE.  His first position was at the University of St Andrews.  Since only Australia seemed to be prepared to offer him a permanent position, he decamped there, never (at least yet) to return permanently.  Cynics will say that he was kept there by being offered chairs in various places.  (He is presently Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne.)  But the truth is that he was seduced by the sun, the wine, and the fact that Australian philosophers are such good fun.  It must be said, though, that a few years ago, the University of St Andrews, having forgotten why they kicked him out, offered him an Arche Visiting Professorship.  So he returns there for a few months each year looking for sun (some hope), wine, and philosophers who are good fun.


Graham is perhaps best known for his work on paraconsistent logic, and particularly for the heretical view that some contradictions are true.  And it is true that he has written a good deal on this, but only because he keeps being drawn back to the subject by the fact that people say such outrageous things about the issue.  When he gets the chance, he likes to write about other branches of logic, metaphysics, the history of philosophy, and about quite different things altogether - such as perversion (of a sexual kind, not a logical kind).

When he is not doing philosophy or at the pub, Graham likes to spend time practicing karate-do.  He is a 3rd dan in shito-ryu and an Australian National Referee.  For a bit of action he likes listening to music, which, he thinks, has been going downhill since Mozart - with the exception of modern jazz.


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