Philosophy at St Andrews

Current undergraduates

New undergraduates

New undergraduates should refer first to the Guide for new students 2016/17, the Philosophy Handbook for Undergraduates 2016/17 and the Philosophy Peer Prospectus 2016/17.

The University of St Andrews has historically been home to two departments for the study of philosophy, namely the Department of Moral Philosophy and the Department of Logic and Metaphysics. You'll see this historical fact reflected in the two separate entrances to Edgecliffe, the building on the Scores in which we are housed. Nowadays, these two nominal departments operate as one unit within the School of Philosophical, Anthropological, and Film Studies. That is, the two departments combine to offer one set of degree programmes, and you will often hear staff and students refer to the unit simply as 'the department'.

The Department has excellent facilities. A significant amount of your teaching will take place within Edgecliffe and this is where you will find the Departmental Office. Lucie Wight and Rhona Paterson are the Undergraduate Course Administrators and will be pleased to help you in person and welcome you to the Department.

Honours students

Before matriculating in September, you must confirm your academic programme for the whole year with the Honours Philosophy Adviser.  Changes of modules will be permitted only in the first week of each semester, —and the Adviser must be consulted again for each change. Any changes of modules, including withdrawals, are unauthorised and may be disregarded unless the Honours Adviser has been consulted about them first.

The Guide to Pre-Advising in Honours Philosophy 2016/17 should be consulted prior to meeting with the Philosophy Honours Advisor.   

Honours Advising for Session 2016-17 will take place on Tuesday 6 September from 10.00 until 16.30 and Wednesday 7 September from 10.00 until 16.30 as follows:

Junior Honours:

Tues 6 September: students A – M 10.00 –12.30; students N - Z 14.00-16.30

Senior Honours:

Weds 7 September: students A – M 10.00 –12.30; students N - Z 14.00-16.30

The Philosophy Honours Advisor is Dr Elizabeth Ashford

Staff contact information 

Head of School Nigel Rapport

Deputy Head of School Berys Gaut

Head of Department James Harris

Philosophy Director of Teaching Lisa Jones

Director of Research Ephraim Glick

Disability Coordinator Katie Allan

Examinations Officer Aaron Cotnoir

Health & Safety Officer Katie Allan

Honours Adviser Elizabeth Ashford

Sub honours Coordinator Simon Prosser

Senior Administrator Katie Allan

Departmental Secretary/Undergraduate Course Administrator

Lucie Wight and Rhona Paterson ext. 2486, School Office, room G09 Edgecliffe Opening hours: 9.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00.

Please contact the Departmental Secretary/Undergraduate Course Administrator for assistance in the absence of academic members of staff.

Timetables and modules