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"Sounds of Satire, Echoes of Madness", Greece

"Sounds of Satire, Echoes of Madness", Greece. This image is randomly selected from our fieldwork collection - you can see more information on our interactive research map.

European Consortium for Pacific Studies

ECOPAS addresses issues and concerns arising from ‘climate change’ in the region by adopting a people centred approach that reflects Pacific needs. In order to do this we are developing a long-term strategy for SSH research in the Pacific; we are forging links with climate research in the natural sciences, and engaging with policy communities in Europe and the Pacific with the aim of defining better options for sustainable development.

MRes Anthropology, Art and Perception

The new MRes in Anthropology, Art and Perception forms an important Masters’ training for postgraduate research into Anthropology of Art, Material Culture and Visual Expression. This year begins with a series of experimental laboratories with invited experts starting in September 2014.

Rebellions, Alliances and Politics

Rebellions, Alliances and Politics is a new research project which compares and contrasts social unrest, upheaval and alliances in the Brazilian Amazon with the Guianas, Mexico and the Andes between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

St Andrews' Social Anthropology is at the forefront of research-led departments in the UK. Famed for its intellectual rigour as well as its friendly atmosphere, the department offers a number of taught degrees in the ancient and beautiful setting of Scotland's first university.

We have three internationally recognised research centres: the Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies and the Centre for Pacific Studies. We regularly host postdoctoral fellows and visiting professors. There are a number of Erasmus exchange opportunities for staff and students.

The department aims to provide teaching that renews the discipline and research that fosters an interdisciplinary openness and innovative regional perspectives. This commitment is embedded in our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Its distinctive contribution lies in an orientation that combines interpretative, experiential, philosophical, and historical research that is politically engaged, reflexive and critically aware.


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What is Anthropology? A film by Igor Slepov, a former student at St Andrews

Future events

This is a selection of forthcoming and highlighted events - see also the full schedule and archive of Anthropology events.

Thu 2nd October 2014 14:00 to 16:00

KFI Sound Lab

Reading Anthropology Aloud

Fri 10th October 2014 11:00 to 13:00

Nigel Rapport, 'Stanley Spencer: Distortion, Freedom and Love'

Department Seminars

Thu 16th October 2014 14:00 to 16:00

KFI Drawing Lab

Dr Ray Lucas, University of Manchester, Department of Architecture

Latest news

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellows

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou begins her 3 year Leverhulme Fellowship in September 2014 working on "An intergenerational analysis of forced child-relocation in Italy."

KFI Labs at St Andrews Autumn 2014

Knowing from the Inside – KFI - is an ERC Funded project based at the Anthropology Department at the University of Aberdeen with an outpost at St Andrews. This semester we will be holding three practical, experimental sessions in anthropology, open to all MRes and PhD students in the department.

Rebellions, Alliances and Politics
Ethonographic Encounters undergraduate journal
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