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Current Exhibitions: Gateway Galleries

Watercolour depicting a row of houses by the harbour in Limekilns, Fife, painted by Alan Ian Ronald.

Recording Scotland: World War II Through Artists’ Eyes

5 September – 27 February 2016

What was it like to be an artist during the Second World War? Explore an incredible collection of drawings and paintings created by artists during the war as part of a documentary project called Recording Scotland. Find out more about the impact of the Second World War on the lives and careers of artists.

Skyward: A study in Flight

12 March - 14th May 2016

Fife-based photographer, Kit Martin, blurs the lines between art and science in this new exhibition. Her work is inspired by the creatures that former University of St Andrews Professor, James Bell Pettigrew (1832 - 1908), studied in his quest to take to the skies. Using winged specimens from the Bell Pettigrew Museum (named in honour of the aeronautical pioneer), Martin provides a contemporary lens through which to appreciate both the art, and science, of flight.

Journeys – 600 Years of the University of St Andrews

Permanent exhibition

This exhibition aims to celebrate the University’s long and distinguished history, placing key events in the context of other world events and examining this history from the point of view of students (both past and present), staff and the general St Andrews community.

The exhibition is laid out in four display cases, with one theme per case being examined:

  • Journeys Through Time
  • Journeys Around the World
  • Journeys of the Imagination
  • Armchair Journeys

Objects from across the University’s collections and from a broad range of time periods are displayed to help visitors examine these themes, and personal responses to (or recollections of) these objects form a basis to help visitors connect with them.

Two large wall spaces contain a timeline of University events, placed in context of Scottish and world events and a wall graphic based on benefactors to the University.