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Current Exhibitions: Gateway Galleries

 Edited poster of the Young Artist Award poster

On Your Marks: The MUSA Young Artist Award 2014

11 June – 9 Aug 2014 

See the winners of this year’s MUSA Young Artist Award, an annual art competition for schools in Fife.  Sport is on everyone’s minds in 2014 and so it is naturally the theme of this year’s competition. The highs and the lows, the triumphs and the failures, the hard work, the dedication, the mixture of nations and cultures; see how all these aspects of international sport have inspired great art in Fife’s schools. 

‘Journeys – 600 Years of the University of St Andrews’

This exhibition aims to celebrate the University’s long and distinguished history, placing key events in the context of other world events and examining this history from the point of view of students (both past and present), staff and the general St Andrews community.

The exhibition is laid out in four display cases, with one theme per case being examined:

  • Journeys Through Time
  • Journeys Around the World
  • Journeys of the Imagination
  • Armchair Journeys

Objects from across the University’s collections and from a broad range of time periods are displayed to help visitors examine these themes, and personal responses to (or recollections of) these objects form a basis to help visitors connect with them.

Two large wall spaces contain a timeline of University events, placed in context of Scottish and world events and a wall graphic based on benefactors to the University.