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Family Winter/Spring Programme

NEW: Out of the Box

Pop into MUSA for our new Out of the Box activity in the galleries each month. Look inside the box to kick-start an exciting challenge, activity or craft. Take a closer look at objects, navigate the museum or solve the clues of our rhyming riddles. This is fun for all your friends and family. Activities are self-led, but MUSA staff will be happy to help you on your journey. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Out of the Box – To Infinity and Beyond

Sun 15 March, 1-3pm (All ages)

Look to the stars like the people of the past. Can you work out the constellations to navigate your way around the museum?  

Out of the Box – Egg Heads                      

Sun 5 April, 1-3pm (All ages)

Who are the clever people featured in the museum’s displays? Hunt the Egg Heads throughout MUSA. Find out facts about these noteworthy people who have studied and taught at the University of St Andrews.

Out of the Box - Pilgrimage

Sun 10 May, 1-3pm (All ages)

Never mind Out of the Box, how about out of the museum? Start your pilgrimage at MUSA where you can gather equipment and make a map to set you on your way around St Andrews.

Out of the Box - Graduation

Sun 14 June, 1-3pm (All ages)

Well done you've finished your time at University. Wait! The hard work is not over because you need to graduate. Tick off the list of tasks from the box in order to graduate and get your degree. Can you do it all in time?


Baby MUSA Time 

First Friday of the month from 9 January, 10:15-11:15am

Held every month, Baby MUSA Time allows your little one to discover some of the fantastic things found in museums through stories, songs, art and messy play.  This drop-in activity is for pre-school children and whoever looks after them. The MUSA Learning Loft provides a place to relax, park your buggy and have a tea or coffee. 

New themed sessions for 2015!

9 January:  Toys                                   3 April : Hats

6 February : Flowers                            1 May : Travel                                              

6 March : Weather                               5 June : Animals


MUSA Young Archaeologist

Sat 31 January to Sat 27 June, 2-3.30pm (Ages 7-12)

Fancy searching for clues in the ground with a trowel and toothbrush?  Then these events are for you! Join us on the last weekend of each month at MUSA to develop your archaeology skills andlearn about people of the past.  Free but booking essential. 

Fact or Fiction      Sat 28 February    
Jewellery              Sat 28 March                   
Ancient Bones      Sat 25 April            
Aztecs                  Sat 30 May       
Cave Painting       Sat 27 June          



Image of families and student volunteers at a craft workshopNature Detectives - Creative Collectors          

Sat 7 March, 1-3pm (All ages)

What things do you collect? Can you sort your butterflies from your ladybirds, or you pebbles from your seashells? Join us at the Bell Pettigrew Museum as we look at some of the creative collections in the University. Free, drop-in, no booking required. 

Nature Detectives – Scavenger Hunt

Sat 4 April, 1-3pm (All ages)

Explore outside just like St Andrews plant hunters of the past. Walk through the gardens with Tony Wilson and look carefully for flowers, ferns, shrubs, trees and lots more. See if you can find everything on your list! Held in association with St Andrews Botanic Garden. Meet at main entrance of the garden, Canongate. Free, but booking essential. Please contact MUSA to reserve places. 

How do I work? Perfect Poo

Thurs 9 April, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

We know what food looks like when it goes into our body and we know what it looks like when it comes out. But what happens in between? And why do things sometimes go wrong? Find out using some exciting experiments. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Up, Up and Away

Fri 10 April, 10-10.45am (Ages 3-6); 11am-12 noon (Ages 7-12)

Do you have what it takes to build and fly your own plane? Join us for an aeroplane-themed arts and crafts morning! Held at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking essential. 

How do I work? Wonderful Wee

Thurs 16 April, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

What happens if we don’t drink enough? And what can our wee tell us about our health? Join us for some fascinating experiments that reveal the secrets of the human bladder. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential. 


Fri 17 April, 10-10.45am (Ages 3-6); 11am-12 noon (Ages 7-12)

'Left, left, left, right, left!' Come along to learn some basic military drills and commands for a fun morning of physical activity at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking essential. 

How do I work? Brilliant Blood

Sat 18 April, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

What’s the point of blood? How does it move around the body? To find out, join us, help us make a heart and see how it works when we look after it properly (and what happens when we don’t). Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.


Science Week

Doctor for a Day

Sat 14 March, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

What is it like to be a doctor? Find out by coming along to MUSA to learn the tricks of the trade! Learn how to take a pulse and measure blood pressure, and make your own stethoscope and doctor’s bag. Free, but booking essential. 

Street Food Science Busking

Mon 16 March, 1-4pm

Do you know how to pick up cereal with a magnet or how to power a light bulb with a lemon? Do these and loads of other fun food-based experiments by visiting us in Church Square, St Andrews! Free drop-in, no booking required. 

Bell Pettigrew Open Afternoon

Sat 14 March, 12-4pm (All ages)

Come and explore our fabulous zoology collection at the Bell Pettigrew Museum, open on a Saturday especially for Science Week! Free, drop-in, no booking required. 

Zoolab: Amazing Eaters!

Sat 21 March, 10-11 am; 11.15am-12.15pm

How have animals adapted to find and eat their food? Why are food chains so important? Find out by coming to the Bell Pettigrew Museum where you can handle some fantastic beasts with the ZooLab team! Free, but booking essential. 

Scientific Sugar

Sun 22 March, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

Follow in the footsteps of the famous St Andrews scientist and Principal Sir James Irvine, by carrying out incredible experiments using sugar! Build sugar density towers, create colourful crystals and make sugary drinks disappear! Great for the teeth and the waistline! Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.