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Family Winter/Spring Programme

NEW: Out of the Box

Pop into MUSA for our new Out of the Box activity in the galleries each month. Look inside the box to kick-start an exciting challenge, activity or craft. Take a closer look at objects, navigate the museum or solve the clues of our rhyming riddles. This is fun for all your friends and family. Activities are self-led, but MUSA staff will be happy to help you on your journey. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Out of the Box – Picture Puzzles

Sun 15 February, 1-3pm (All ages)           

Take a closer look at the fantastic objects at MUSA. Zoom in with a magnifying glass to match the object to the picture. 

Out of the Box – To Infinity and Beyond

Sun 15 March, 1-3pm (All ages)

Look to the stars like the people of the past. Can you work out the constellations to navigate your way around the museum? 


MUSA Young Archaeologist

Sat 31 January to Sat 27 June, 2-3.30pm (Ages 7-12)

Fancy searching for clues in the ground with a trowel and toothbrush?  Then these events are for you! Join us on the last weekend of each month at MUSA to develop your archaeology skills andlearn about people of the past.  Free but booking essential. 

Vikings                 Sat 31 January     
Fact or Fiction      Sat 28 February    
Jewellery              Sat 28 March                   
Ancient Bones      Sat 25 April            
Aztecs                  Sat 30 May       
Cave Painting       Sat 27 June          


Winter workshops

How do I work? Eerie Ears

Sat 24 January, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

Can you hear me? Yes? But how?  Explore how sound gets from the outside world, through our ears and into our brains. You’ll also discover the other vital role this tiny part of the body plays in our everyday life. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking is essential.

Pull a Face 

Wed 11 February, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

Change the way that people see you by designing and decorating your own magnificent mask! Be inspired by the art of Flore Gardner by showing new emotions, adopting the guise of a fictional character or taking on several identities at once! Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.   

How do I work? Bizarre BonesImage of families and student volunteers at a craft workshop

Thurs 12 February, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

Without bones we’d be a heap of skin, muscles and guts rolling around on the floor. We couldn’t walk, we couldn’t sit, we couldn’t do much at all! Find out what our bones do and meet a real skeleton. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential. 

Every photograph has a story

Fri 13 February, 1-2 pm (Ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30 pm (Ages 7-12)

Explore the work of Flore Gardner at our special drama workshop! Create and act out your own performance that is inspired by her art with the help of actors from the Mermaids Theatre Group. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential. 

Nature Detectives - Creative Collectors          

Sat 7 March, 1-3pm (All ages)

What things do you collect? Can you sort your butterflies from your ladybirds, or you pebbles from your seashells? Join us at the Bell Pettigrew Museum as we look at some of the creative collections in the University. Free, drop-in, no booking required.