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Family Winter Programme

Booking events

To book an event email or call 01334 46 1660. Please include an emergency contact number with your booking.

One World: Exploring Cultures Across Continents

Join us in exploring different cultures and traditions from across the world. Share your thoughts about the exhibition and tag your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Remember to include  #MUSAOneWorld

Baby MUSA Time

First Friday of the month, from 5th February 10.15-11.15am

Held every month, Baby MUSA Time allows your little one to discover some of the fantastic things found in museums through stories, songs, art and messy play.  This drop-in activity is for pre-school children and whoever looks after them. The MUSA Learning Loft provides a place to relax, park your buggy and have a tea or coffee. 

Fri 4th March
Cars and Planes        
Fri 1st April Our Bodies
Fri 6th May Around the World
Fri 3rd June

MUSA Young Archaeologist

Image of children's archaeology workshop.

Last Saturday of the month, 2-3pm (Ages 7-12) 

Fancy searching for clues in the ground with a trowel and toothbrush?  Then these events are for you! Join us on the last weekend of each month at MUSA to develop your archaeology skills and learn about people of the past.  Free but booking essential. 

Sat 27th February Stone Age Skills
Sat 30th April Travel and Trade
Sat 28th May The Incas
Sat 25th June  Surveying Sites

Out of the Box

Pop into MUSA and try a new 'Out of the Box' challenge each month. Take a closer look at objects, make a mask or check out your birth sign in the Chinese calendar. These self-led activities are available every Sunday and are fun for all the family! Please ask at Reception to get started on your learning journey. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Chinese New Year

From Sunday 7th February

Did you know 2016 is the year of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac? Celebrate Chinese New Year with some traditional crafts, discover which animal you are and what that means!

Ancient Symbols

From Sunday 6th March

Can you find some mysterious symbols hidden in the artworks and objects in MUSA? Take rubbings and collect clues to discover their meaning.

Arty Saturdays

Come along to the Gateway Galleries and get stuck into an exciting new range of arty activities linked to the temporary exhibitions. Activities are suitable for all ages so bring along the whole family! Free, drop in, no booking required.

Arty Saturdays: Recording Scotland

9th January-27th February, 1-3pm (all ages)

Can you collage a croft or sketch a Scottish city? Draw, stick and build bonnie creations inspired by the Recording Scotland artworks on display.

Arty Saturdays: Skyward

12th March- 14th May, 1-3pm (all ages)

Are you fascinated by the magical world of birds? Ever dreamed of making your own wings to take to the skies? Drop in to the Skyward exhibition to colour, craft and create your own flights of fancy.

Arty Saturdays: Globetrotters

28th May - 20th August, 1-3pm (all ages)

Calling all adventurers! What would you most like to bring back from your travels? A sacred cup, a fish hook, a bell or a beastie perhaps? Design and make your own souvenirs inspired by the 2016 MUSA Young Artist Award.

Winter workshops

Peruvian Pottery

Weds 10th February, 1.30-2.15pm (ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30pm (ages 7-12)

Learn about the beliefs and customs of the Peruvian Incas from their pottery and make your own magical animal to protect your house. Held at MUSA, free, but booking essential.

Fishing Challenge!

Thurs 11th February,  1.30-2.15pm (ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30pm (ages 7-12)

Many Recording Scotland artworks depict traditional fishing scenes. Modern-day landlubbers can find out if they have what it takes to be a fisherman in this event. Pit yourself against our fishy tasks to see if your team can make the catch of the day. Held at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking essential.

Shoebox Fife

Fri 12th February, 1.30-2.15pm (ages 3-6); 2.30-3.30pm (ages 7-12)

From pretty pastel terraces to imposing stone castles, the Kingdom of Fife has a look all of its own. Explore the different types of architecture that can be seen around the county and then try creating a building of your own or a miniature Fife village in a shoe box. Held at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking essential.

Bird Spotting

Sat 5th March, 1.30-3.30pm (all ages)

Bring your binoculars or borrow a pair from MUSA and discover the joys of birdwatching. Ranger Tony Wilson will guide you in identifying and spotting birds. Please wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions and sensible footwear. Starts and ends at MUSA. Suitable for all ages, but children should be accompanied by an adult. Free, but booking essential.

Science Week

Dinosaur Detectives with Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre 

Sat 12th March, 1-2.30pm (age 5+)

Follow the Dinosaur Detectives as they search for clues about the past in this exciting new puppet show. Mary Annings’ search for ‘curiosities’ on the beach brings to light the first skulls and full skeletons of ancient creatures that swam in the depths so long ago. The ‘Dinosaur Detectives’ use rod puppets, shadow play and children’s toys to show the fascination, fun and the conflict that surrounds the first finds of Ancient Bones... Held at the Bell Pettigrew Museum, where you can see some other ancient life forms! Free but booking essential.

Perception Lab

Weds 16th March, 5-7pm (all ages)

What makes us think that someone looks trustworthy, clever, healthy, or like a good leader? The St Andrews Perception Lab are a group of scientists who study what we can learn from looking at someone’s face. Come along to hear about their work, and then use special computer software to transform your face to look older or even turn into a baby or chimpanzee! Held in MUSA. Suitable for all ages. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Science Busking

Fri 18th March, 12-2pm (all ages)

From mind-bending illusions to magic slime, join in with simple experiments at this ‘science taster’ on the streets of St Andrews. Takes place at Church Square. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Animal Safari

Sat 19th March, 1-2pm and 2.15-3.15pm (ages 4+)

From tropical rainforests to deserts, oceans to polar regions, the Earth is composed of a wide range of habitats. Learn how animals have adapted to survive these extreme conditions at the Bell Pettigrew Museum, where you can handle some fantastic animals with the experts from ZooLab. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Free, but booking essential.

Spring Workshops

Easter Bug Hunt

Fri 25th March, 1-3pm (all ages)

Help! MUSA has been invaded by bugs and beasties! Can you track them down and identify them before they eat our precious stuff? Guaranteed fun on this Easter trail with a difference. Free, drop-in, no booking required.


Weds 30th March, 1.30-2.15pm (ages 3-6)

Let your creativity shine, create your own set of wings that will carry you throughout your day. Bring your colouring skills and imagination to this interactive workshop. Held at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking required.

Build Your Own Flying Machine

Weds 30th March, 2.30-3.30pm (ages 7-12)

Follow in the footsteps of Professor James Bell Pettigrew and invent your own flying machine, with the expert advice of our aeronautics team. Put your creation to the test as you compete for the titles of ‘longest’, ‘fastest’, ‘most stylish’ flight! Held at the Gateway Galleries. Free, but booking is required.

Curious Casts

Mon 4th April, 1.30-2.15pm (3-6s); 2.30-3.30pm (7-12s)

Did you know that in the 18th and 19th centuries ladies and gentlemen collected plaster cast cameos as holiday souvenirs? Look at our 200 year-old casts and then have a go at making your own using a range of curious objects. Held at MUSA. Free but booking essential.

The Science of Flight 

Weds 6th April, 1.30-2.15pm (3-6s); 2.30-3.30pm (7-12s)

Calling all future scientists... the Bell Pettigrew Museum needs your help! A clumsy assistant was transporting a bird display and fell, mixing up all the birds and their feathers. We need you to help us put it back together. Join the experts at the museum and assist us in cleaning up this disaster, the museum is counting on you. Held at the Bell Pettigrew Museum. Free, but booking is required.