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All ages

Recording St Andrews

Why not join in and record the world around you in St Andrews? Share your thoughts and digital artworks on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Remember to include #RecordingStAndrews 


Baby MUSA Time 

First Friday of the month, 10:15-11:15am

Held every month, Baby MUSA Time allows your little one to discover some of the fantastic things found in museums through stories, songs, art and messy play.  This drop-in activity is for pre-school children and whoever looks after them. The MUSA Learning Loft provides a place to relax, park your buggy and have a tea or coffee.   

Fri 4 September
Fri 2 October
Musical Instruments  
Fri 6 November
Fri 4 December
Little Stars and Angels  

MUSA Young Archaeologist 

Last Saturday of the month, 2-3.30pm (Ages 7-12) 

Fancy searching for clues in the ground with a trowel and toothbrush?  Then these events are for you! Join us on the last weekend of each month at MUSA to develop your archaeology skills andlearn about people of the past.  Free but booking essential.

Sat 29 August Dig, Discover, Digitise       
Sat 26 September Picts  
Sat 31 October Bronze Age   
Sat 28 November

Experimental Archaeology 

Autumn workshops


Sat 22 August, 10-10.45am (Ages 3-6), 11-12pm (Ages 7-12)

Where do people stay safe when they face danger? Shelter! See if you can spot some WWII shelters in the artworks on display. Then, help us build our own copy of an air-raid shelter to learn how it would protect people. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Foraging for Food

Sat 12 September, 2-4 pm

Find out more about our wild food heritage, healthy eating, free food and folklore on this fun and informative walk through St Andrews with Tony Wilson! Meet at Botanic Gardens Entrance, Canongate. Free, but booking essential.

Out of the Box – Ration Book

Sun 13 September, 1-3 pm (All ages)

What is your weekly shopping list? Times were different during WWII and many items were limited and even unavailable. Create your own WWII Ration Book and add up the cost of your WWII shopping list. Activities are self-led at MUSA, but staff will be happy to help you on your journey. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Back in Time – A Family Walking Tour

Sat 19 September, 2-3.15 pm

Come and meet some colourful characters from St Andrews’ past, including a bold bishop, a troublesome queen and an eccentric scientist (with his parrot). Not only that, there’ll also be singing, exciting stories and a competition complete with prizes. The whole family can join us on this walking tour of almost one mile, but be prepared to take part! Free, but booking essential. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Out of the Box – Letters

Sun 11 October, 1-3 pm (All ages)

Write your own letter like the prestigious people of the past. Activities are self-led at MUSA, but staff will be happy to help you on your journey. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Big Draw – A Muckle Map of Scotland

Mon 12 October, 2-4 pm (All ages)

Did you know that families were replaced with sheep in the Scottish Highlands? Or that Vikings once lived on Scottish islands, like Shetland? Help us to build a map of Scotland, but with a twist, as we include drawings of historical events and snippets of local culture. Held at MUSA. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Building Bridges

Thurs 15 October, 2-2.45 pm (Ages 3-6), 3-4 pm, (ages 7-12)

What makes a bridge strong? Build your own bridge at MUSA and learn about iconic bridge design. Experiment with different shapes, materials and weights to see if your bridge will hold up against the forces of weather and the threat of war. Free, but booking essential.

Mini Museum

Fri 16 October, 2-2.45 pm (Ages 3-6), 3-4 pm, (ages 7-12)

Ever wondered what it would be like to manage a museum? Well, now’s your chance! Guess the object, create a display and design merchandise for our MUSA shop. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Big Draw – A Highland Coo and the Loch Ness Monster Too

Mon 19 October, 2-4 pm (All ages)

What do you think of when you think of Scotland? It can’t be all tartan and mythical monsters! Look for ideas around the museum of the oldest University in Scotland. Then, help decorate our Scotland banner with your drawings of all things Scottish. Held at MUSA. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Magic Lantern

Thurs 22 October, 2-2.45 pm (Ages 3-6), 3-4 pm (ages 7-12)

Discover Victorian technology and marvel at the magic lantern. Dim the lights, slide in a frame and turn the handle to project a moving image. An amazing source of entertainment to Victorians, long before people went to the cinema to watch movies. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Monk-ee-ing Around

Fri 23 October, 2-4 pm (All ages)

Do you have what it takes to be a medieval monk? Get into the habit at MUSA to find out what life was like for monks during the Middle Ages. Chant in Latin; provide medical care for the community; copy a manuscript; and just maybe, take a vow of silence before you go home? Held at MUSA. Free, but booking required.

Out of the Box – To Infinity and Beyond

Sun 15 November, 1-3 pm (All ages)

Look to the stars like the people of the past. Can you work out the constellations to navigate your way around the museum? Activities are self-led at MUSA, but staff will be happy to help you on your journey. Free, drop in, no booking required.


Walks and Talks

Recording Britain Tours

Take a closer look at the Recording Britain exhibition with one of our exhibition tours. Led by MUSA curators and staff, there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss some interesting topics. Held at MUSA. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Starting at 2.30pm
Mon 17 August
Thurs 27 August

Recording Britain - Dr Helen Rawson

Thurs 10 September, 5.30-6.15pm

Find out about the Recording Britain collection from Dr Helen Rawson, Co-Director of the Museum of the University of St Andrews and Curator of the Recording Britain exhibition. Discover how the Recording Britain scheme started and take a closer look at key themes in the artworks themselves. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

The meaning of comfort and how it has changed

Thurs 8 October, 5.30-6.15 pm

Current standards of comfort are unlikely to be sustainable in the future. Sustainable Development researcher, Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs, will be talking about why our understanding of comfort has important implications for consumption and sustainability. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Byland Abbey

Thurs 19 November, 5.30-6.15 pm

Glimpse at one of the greatest monasteries in England, as depicted in our Recording Britain exhibition. Join Matt Sheard, our very own Curator and Yorkshireman, as he explores the history of this fantastic church building. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Creative Workshops

Big Draw - Recording St Andrews

Fri 30 October, 6-8 pm

Sharpen your pencil, dust off your sketchbook and get out and about around St Andrews town! Come along to MUSA to help construct a massive masterpiece of St Andrews and see it piece together a perfect picture of St Andrews life. Free, drop in, no booking required.

Christmas Crafts

Thurs 3 December, 1-2.30 pm

Relax with a cuppa and have fun crafting or printing your own festive gift tags, cards and decorations with us at MUSA. Free, drop-in. No booking required.

Christmas Quiz

Thurs 10 December, 1-2.30 pm

Do you know your stockings from your stollen, or your Christmas trees from Santa’s sneeze? Ah-Choo! Compete in our merry MUSA quiz to see if you have what it takes to get to the top of the tree and crack Christmas. Take the chance to get festive with friends. Refreshments provided. Held at MUSA. Free, but booking required.


Music in Museums

Immerse yourself in music and experience a different kind of concert venue with ‘Music in Museums’. Performances are free and suitable for all ages. No booking required.

John Wallace CBE and Bede Williams, featuring The St Andrews Scholarship Brass Quintet

Fri 13 November, 5.30pm

Come along to MUSA and listen to a programme of brass chamber music from the Scholarship Brass Quintet. Culminating in a performance of Field of Battle, the suite depicts the different sides of war from the 15th to 17th centuries. 
Part of the St Andrews Brass Festival

Christmas Music by the St Andrews Renaissance Singers

Sat 5 December, 2.30-3.15pm

Members of the renowned St Andrews Renaissance Singers will perform a short Medieval recital. Held at MUSA.
Free, no booking required.