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All staff


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Dr John AmsonHonorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Vasilis ArchontisRoyal Society Research Fellow313 MI01334


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Prof Rosemary BaileyProfessor317 MI01334
Prof Robert BinghamHonorary Professor  
Dr Luke BlackbournTeaching Fellow301 MI
Dr Collin BleakLecturer209 MI01334
Prof Thomas BlythEmeritus Professor122 MI
Prof David BorchersProfessor100 OB01334
Dr Stephen BrooksComputing Officer211 MI01334
Prof Stephen BucklandProfessor201 OB01334
Dr Louise BurtResearch Fellow107 OB01334


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Prof Alan CairnsEmeritus Professor214 MI
Prof Peter CameronProfessor317 MI01334
Prof William CampbellHonorary Professor123 MI
Dr Colin CampbellHonorary Reader121 MI
Prof Peter CargillHonorary Professor122 MI
Dr Magda CarrLecturer319 MI01334
Mr Thomas ConlonResearch Fellow01334
Prof Richard CormackEmeritus Professor01334
Prof Alexander CraikEmeritus Professor122 MI01334


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Prof Ineke De MoortelProfessor311 MI01334
Dr Carl DonovanLecturer113 OB01334
Prof David DritschelProfessor302 MI01334


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Prof David ElstonHonorary Professor  


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Prof Kenneth FalconerProfessor304 MI01334
Dr Isobel FalconerHonorary Reader120 MI
Dr Herbert FruchtlResearch Fellow221 MI01334 463750/


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Dr Ian GoudieLecturer316 MI01334
Dr Robert GrundyHonorary Reader120 MI01334
Dr Stanislav GunarMarie Curie Fellow310 MI01334


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Dr Danielle HarrisResearch Fellow209 OB01334
Prof Richard HarrisonHonorary Professor  
Dr Sharon HedleyHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Patricia HeggieScientific Officer216 MI01334
Prof Alan HoodProfessor305 MI01334
Dr Sophie HuczynskaLecturer312 MI01334
Mr James HydeResearch Fellow328 MI


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Dr Janine IllianSenior Lecturer114 OB01334


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Prof Peter JuppEmeritus Professor101 MI01334


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Dr Adrienne KempHonorary Senior Lecturer207 MI01334
Prof David KempHonorary Professor207 MI01334
Dr Thomas KemptonResearch Fellow218 MI01334
Dr Stuart KingTeaching and Research Fellow301 MI01334
Dr Ruth KingReader128 OB01334


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Dr James LangHonorary Reader122 MI01334
Dr Roland LangrockLecturer202 OB01334
Mr Philip Le FeuvreComputing Officer129 OB01334
Mr Peter LindsayComputing Officer215 MI01334


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Mrs Fiona MacFarlaneSecretary204 MI01334
Dr Monique MacKenzieLecturer131 OB01334
Dr Duncan MackayReader324 MI01334
Dr Tiago MarquesResearch Fellow
Dr Laura MarshallResearch Fellow203 OB01334
Dr John McCabeHonorary Senior Lecturer117 MI
Dr John McDermottScientific Officer330 MI01334
Dr Angela MiguelScientific Administrator330 MI01334
Dr David MillerResearch Fellow
Prof Alexander MilneHonorary Research Fellow
Dr James MitchellReader308 MI01334


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Dr Aidan NaughtonSenior Teaching Fellow208 MI01334
Prof Thomas NeukirchProfessor303 MI01334


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Dr John O'ConnorHonorary Senior Lecturer120 MI
Dr Cornelia OedekovenResearch Fellow209 OB
Prof Lars OlsenProfessor203 MI01334


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Dr Paolo PaganoResearch Assistant323 MI01334
Dr Michail PapathomasLecturer112 OB01334
Prof Clare ParnellProfessor309 MI01334
Dr Charles PaxtonResearch Fellow101 OB01334
Dr George PhillipsHonorary Reader120 MI01334
Dr Valentin PopovTeaching Fellow111 OB01334
Prof Eric PriestEmeritus Professor322 MI01334


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Dr Martyn QuickSenior Lecturer326 MI01334


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Dr Jean ReinaudLecturer318 MI01334
Dr Eric RexstadResearch Fellow103 OB01334
Prof Bernard RobertsEmeritus Professor227 MI
Prof Edmund RobertsonEmeritus Professor117 MI
Mrs Rhona RodgerSecretary104 OB01334
Dr Colva Roney-DougalReader329 MI01334
Prof Nik RuskucProfessor205 MI01334


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Dr Dinara SadykovaResearch Fellow208 OB01334
Dr Robert SchickResearch Fellow202 OB01334
Dr Richard ScottReader206 MI01334
Dr Lindesay Scott-HaywardResearch Fellow203 OB01334
Mrs Nicola StalkerSecretary204 MI01334
Mrs Valerie SturrockSecretary202 MI01334


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Dr Len ThomasReader130 OB01334
Dr James ThrelfallResearch Assistant323 MI01334
Dr Michael ToddLecturer320 MI01334
Dr Chuong TranLecturer306 MI01334


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Ms Patricia WatsonSecretary202 MI01334
Dr Fiona WilsonResearch Assistant323 MI01334
Dr Andrew WrightReader212 MI01334


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Dr Joyce YuanResearch Fellow209 OB01334