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Outlook 2011 Training Materials

These documents and webpages are provided as a guide to using some of the common functions within Outlook.  Training courses are available for Outlook users and are delivered by CAPOD, and specific queries can be directed to the IT Service Desk.

Outlook 2011 Mail
Can I change the default font for messages I am writing? (PDF, 265 KB) 
Can I colour code my emails? (PDF, 270 KB) 
Can I create a Mail Merge using Outlook? (PDF, 273 KB) 
Can I customise the Ribbon? (PDF, 322 KB) 
Can I save my sent items in a folder other than the Sent Items folder? (PDF, 320 KB) 
How can I create a Contact Group in Outlook 2011? (PDF, 254 KB) 
How do I attach documents or files to an email? (PDF, 262 KB) 
How do I create Local Folders for Archiving e-mails? (PDF, 265 KB) 
How do I create Rules? (PDF, 298 KB) 
How do I filter my messages by Unread/Category etc? (PDF, 362 KB) 
How do I import contacts? (PDF, 165 KB) 
How do I insert a Hyperlink? (PDF, 264 KB) 
How do I re-organise my list of folders? (PDF, 266 KB) 
How do I set up my Out of Office Replies? (PDF, 308 KB) 
How do I set up my Signature? (PDF, 271 KB) 
I have a lot of Junk Mail- how can I stop this? (PDF, 334 KB) 
My emails all show the migration date - can I change this? (PDF, 277 KB) 
What is the Conversation Setting for? (PDF, 372 KB) 


Outlook 2011 Calendar
Can I set up an additional calendar for myself? (PDF, 258 KB) 
Can I show my part time hours on my calendar? (PDF, 265 KB) 
How do I know who has access to my calendar? (PDF, 302 KB) 
How do I View Other People‚Äôs Calendars? (PDF, 278 KB) 
What's the best to check colleagues' availability for meetings? (PDF, 287 KB) 
What's the best way to cancel recurring appointments? (PDF, 290 KB) 

Unimail - Unified mail and calendar

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