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What is Unimail?  Unimail is the name given to the new Microsoft Exchange 2010 staff email and calendaring system.

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Who is Brightsolid?  Brightsolid is the supplier that scored highest during the tender evaluation process.  Brightsolid will be responsible for the implementation, configuration and management of our new Microsoft Exchange servers over the next five years.

More information on Brightsolid

Where will my data be held?  Your mail and calendar data will be held within Brightsolid’s secure data centre in Dundee.

Will my mail and calendaring data be secure with Brightsolid?  Our mail and calendaring data is hosted within Brightsolid’s Tier 3+ Data Centre in Dundee.  This facility currently houses secure data for commercial, public and financial sectors.

How big will my new mailbox be?  Your new mailbox will have a storage size of 3 GB.

Will I be able to open internet links from Unimail?  Yes

Will my mobile work with Unimail?  Unimail will give you access to mail, calendaring and contacts using the majority of modern smart phones.

Will Unimail run on my Windows PC?  Yes, these are the recommended clients:

Will Unimail run on my Mac?  Yes, these are the recommended clients:

Will Unimail run on my Linux PC?  Yes, these are the recommended clients:


Unimail - Unified mail and calendar

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