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Videoconferencing facilities

About videoconferencing

Videoconferencing allows people at two or more sites to be in interactive audio and visual communication. Besides the obvious use as an alternative to face-to-face conferencing, it has been used for such purposes as:

  • Lectures and tutorials
  • Debates
  • Presentations
  • Remote assessment
  • Remote interviews

A videoconference is normally structured as in a face-to-face meeting: an agreed Chair conducts the proceedings.

Where are our facilities?

August 2015 update: St Andrews no longer has a dedicated videoconferencing studio in the St Mary's building.  There are however a number of teaching rooms equipped for videoconferencing registered on the Janet Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) booking system in the following departments:

  • Chemistry
  • English (Lawson Room)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • SMRU
  • Medical and Biological Sciences Building  (main theatre and Seminar Room 1)

What are the facilities?

Videoconferencing studios all have the basic audiovisual equipment: video cameras, display monitor, speakers, microphones and equipment controller. There may also be ancillary equipment, eg video recorder, document reader (visualiser).

In those studios where H.239 in-band data sharing is not yet available, there is a PC set up for data communication using Microsoft NetMeeting. This provides the additional facilities of

  • File and application sharing
  • A whiteboard (useful for simple drawings)
  • A chatboard (can be useful if communication problems arise)

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